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Does your product have packaging marketing

by:Supouches Packaging     2022-01-17
Packaging is becoming more and more important for product sales. The market economy is also known as the 'eyeball economy  1. The utility of product packaging in marketing    is conducive to product sales    packaging is an important tool to promote the smooth sales of products. The quality of product packaging will not only affect whether the product can enter the circulation market steadily, but also affect the sales price and channels of the product. After the product is packaged, the first thing that consumers are given to consumers when entering the consumer market is the intuitive packaging of the product. Whether it can arouse consumers' desire to consume and generate purchase motives largely depends on the packaging of the product. For example, a company’s thermal blankets were packaged in ordinary colored plastic bags, and the sales were average, but they were later changed to white soft packaging with gold rims, and the sales volume increased rapidly. It is straightforward that packaging affects product sales to a large extent. Beautify products to increase the value. If a high-quality product lacks good packaging, its value will be reduced to a certain extent. If it is equipped with suitable and good packaging, it will greatly increase the value of the product. Therefore, good, novel and exquisite product packaging is not only Making products and packaging complement each other can also enhance the value of the product, establish the market image of the product, and allow consumers to give psychological affirmation and be willing to give high prices to purchase, thereby increasing product sales and increasing corporate profits. 2. The importance of product packaging in marketing is an active and effective marketing method. Some people call product packaging the last 5 seconds of marketing. It can be seen that its importance in marketing is becoming more and more prominent, and it is in the marketing mix. The irreplaceable status is valued by the production enterprises. If a manufacturer does not fully understand the importance of product packaging and ignores packaging, this will make the company's products lose in the last 5 seconds of the competition. Even if the product quality is good, but does not pay attention to product packaging, it will greatly reduce the product. The expected effect of marketing. Important strategies that help shape brand image In the new era, the competition among enterprises is becoming increasingly fierce. This competition is not only reflected in the rigid aspects of technology, product quality, and price, but also in the soft aspects of brand image and product packaging. In soft competition, the competitive influence of brand image has become increasingly prominent, and it is becoming more and more important, and it is also the most direct way of competition. It can be said that the inner soul of product marketing, and packaging is a novel and exquisite outerwear. Only by organically combining the two can a good brand be formed and marketing efficiency can be improved.  Help to meet the social and psychological needs of consumers  The material, shape, color, icon and text of the product packaging will directly affect the public's image of the product. Sophisticated and gorgeous packaging will give consumers the image of high-end products, while simple and traditional packaging will give consumers the feeling of cheap and affordable. Therefore, product packaging must pay attention to people's popular social psychology in marketing, and accurately display the characteristics of the product, which can greatly improve the efficiency of marketing. The scientific and reasonable design of packaging can quickly touch the psychology of consumers and have an impact on consumers' perceptual consumption. Contribute to the realization of self-sale of products. If a company’s products and brand are not yet known to the public, if you want to improve the self-selling ability of the product, and then open a world in the market, you must innovate in the personality of the product packaging. And hard work, personalized product packaging is usually reflected in factors such as the product positioning, brand image, brand classification and sales channels of the manufacturer. Unique and distinctive product packaging allows consumers to quickly identify and judge among similar products, which not only saves time, but also facilitates consumption. At the same time, personalized product packaging also greatly enhances the effectiveness of product self-marketing.
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