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Don't tear your teeth while unpacking the bag

by:Supouches Packaging     2021-12-27
As the pace of life accelerates, more and more people start shopping online for convenience and time saving. Many people simply tear open the packaging bag by hand in order to save trouble when unpacking the express delivery. However, some people develop allergies in their hands after unpacking the express delivery, and have allergic symptoms such as itchy hands or red bumps. It is understood that the source of raw materials for domestic express packaging bags is relatively complicated, mostly from domestic waste, chemical materials, etc., which are reprocessed, and a large amount of harmful substances, such as plasticizers and flame retardants, may be left in them, which may cause skin allergies. . Some harmful substances enter the human body, and may affect the liver, kidney, bones, etc. through the blood circulation. In addition, many express packages are wrapped with tape, which contains a large amount of polyvinyl chloride. If it is forcibly torn by hand, it may damage the skin and respiratory tract. Therefore, it is best to use scissors to open the express package, and the scissors or knives that have been removed from the express package should be cleaned before cutting other food packages to avoid contaminating the food. In addition, it is a habit of many people to hold a bag of milk in their hands and drink directly with their teeth. However, many bags of milk are stored in an open environment, and various dust and microorganisms will adhere to them. In addition, there are many patterns and words printed on the packaging bags. Some packaging bags are brightly colored, and their inks and dyes contain heavy metals such as lead and chemical solvents. Use your teeth to open the bag of milk and drink it directly. Some harmful substances will then enter the human body. Long-term accumulation will easily lead to heavy metal poisoning, which will affect the blood and gastrointestinal functions. Therefore, consumers are best to use scissors to cut open the packaging bag, and then use a straw, or pour milk into a cup for drinking. In addition to dairy product packaging bags and express packaging bags, there are many plastic packaging bags that people come into contact with in daily life, such as the outer packaging bags of various snacks and small foods sold in supermarkets, and those used when buying fruits and vegetables, bulk meat and other foods. Plastic shopping bags, etc., these packaging bags are in direct contact with food. Pay attention when eating, the small food packaging bag is the same as the milk packaging bag, and you can't bite it directly with your teeth.
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