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Dongguan analysis of pharmaceutical packaging bags

by:Supouches Packaging     2022-01-02
Industry status In India's pharmaceutical industry, pharmaceutical packaging bags account for 10%-15% of the real industry. The rapid development of the pharmaceutical packaging bag industry has enabled it to always be among the best in the development of pharmaceuticals. Pharmaceutical packaging bags can be divided into two categories: 1. First-level packaging bags are directly in contact with drugs, which can be further divided into three categories: foaming, bagging, and aluminum foil bag materials for solid pharmaceuticals; for solid, liquid, and Container material for injection and injection of medicine; tube material for ointment and gel. Primary packaging bags account for approximately 60% of the entire pharmaceutical packaging industry. 2. The secondary packaging bag is not in direct contact with the medicine, including the third season packaging and subsequent packaging materials. In fact, it is the outer packaging of the primary packaging that already contains the medicine. Carton boxes, labels, partitions, promotional/instruction materials, etc. are all so-called secondary packaging. The printing industry is also very important for pharmaceutical packaging, including printing primary packaging materials and printing secondary packaging materials. The printing industry is also very important for tablet packaging, including printing primary packaging materials and printing secondary packaging materials. For tablets, foam packaging technology is widely adopted in India, and the cold foam form is very popular in recent foam technology. India's traditional herbal medicine manufacturers are still mostly in bulk, and foam packaging has gradually become popular. For liquid drugs, most of them are packaged in glass bottles. However, some medicines have begun to use PET bottles. Save costs and increase the life of packaging bags Save costs and increase the life of packaging For a long time, the pharmaceutical packaging bag industry has been striving for cost savings. The most basic method is to evaluate the value of existing manifestations; the second is to seek to improve materials, develop new technologies or increase production; high-blocking materials and their combinations are an example of foam and aluminum foil packaging bags. There is also a redesign of the glass container, the use of more earthquake-resistant glass. Although redesigning the cardboard boxes cannot reduce the area, it can increase the output. Fighting counterfeiting Due to the prevalence of counterfeit products, the pharmaceutical industry is experiencing a period of pain. It is said that it is easier to make counterfeit medicines than to make counterfeit money, with low investment and high profits. Advances in information technology have created convenient ways for counterfeiters. The Internet is the newest way to manufacture and sell medicines. It is developing rapidly and is difficult to control. Using traditional packaging box printing technology, fraud becomes very easy.
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