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by:Supouches Packaging     2022-01-31
Dongguan Packaging Service Co., Ltd. is located at No. 8, Heshi Road, Shishuikou Management Zone, Qiaotou Town, with very convenient transportation. The company provides a full range of packaging processing services for the global packaging industry. It is one of the professional packaging processing plants, and is an enterprise specializing in the development of various types of automated packaging machinery, engineering equipment for green food packaging plants, and packaging processing. The company has strong professional technical force, advanced processing equipment, advanced technology and perfect after-sales service. Since its establishment, the company has developed into a comprehensive company integrating Ru0026D, manufacturing, sales and service with the strong support of many customers at home and abroad and the joint efforts of corporate employees.  Dongguan   company products have automatic box-sealing packaging series, vertical pillow packaging machine series, card issuing machine series, card cutting machine with packaging machine series and food packaging manufacturer series, etc. Dozens of series and hundreds of products are spread all over the country and exported to the Middle East, North Africa, Europe and other places. The high-quality equipment and perfect after-sales service provided by the company enjoy a high reputation in the packaging equipment machinery industry at home and abroad, and have won praise and affirmation from customers. Provide high-quality equipment and meticulous service.  Our company can undertake production line design, equipment selection, equipment installation and commissioning and solve various packaging problems for customers. Based on the modern service concept, the company warmly welcomes people from home and abroad to guide and cooperate, and thoroughly help every customer 'save manpower and improve efficiency.'  Dongguan Packaging Service Co., Ltd. All employees of Packaging Machinery have been providing customers with high-quality equipment and meticulous after-sales service for the past few years. Is an advanced food packaging manufacturer, packaging machinery and equipment manufacturer.
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