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Durex Digital Printing Personalized Packaging

by:Supouches Packaging     2022-01-03
Durex is a well-known large company in the world, and it has a lot of cooperation with Durex. What Jintian wants to share with you is some new trends of Durex as a world-renowned company. The picture above is a personalized packaging bag made by plastic bags for Durex. The printing experience is unimaginable in the traditional printing era. However, HP is not only a big customer like Coca-Cola. Durex condoms now have personalized printed packaging. Think about it, after two days you go downstairs to buy a set, and you find that each package is printed with different styles of words (zi) like (shi). Do you have the urge to gather all these packages? In order to make Durex in China Hewlett-Packard is really fighting for big deals. Transformation and innovation must be valuable! In fact, the subject has a little title. HP's transformation and innovation are not as simple as providing packaging for a condom manufacturer. But from here we can see HP's expectations for the printing market, and the transformation and innovation of HP's printing department began. What does HP mean by investing heavily in the printing market? In fact, Durex’s packaging is not printed by the HP laser printers or inkjet printers that we can see everywhere. Hidden behind are HP’s Indigo printers.  The relationship between a printer and a printing press is like the relationship between a PC and a server. One is for home or business use, and the other is for production equipment. HP, which has an absolute dominant position in the printer industry, has made frequent efforts in the printing field in recent years, which shows that HP has begun to transform and innovate in the printing business. In fact, no matter which manufacturer it is, transformation and innovation are painful. Originally, the main business is doing very well. Why do you have to go where you are not good at? This is still to start with the challenges faced by the printer market. Due to the advent of the mobile Internet era and the rise of terminals and electronic media, users’ demand for paper printing has begun to show a certain downward trend (don’t believe it? How long have you not printed photos?).
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