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Easy to tear packaging and easy to open packaging, don't be confused anymore

by:Supouches Packaging     2022-08-13
“Easy tear packaging”and“Easy to open packaging”Often confused, in fact, there are great differences between them in terms of material, performance or use. Easy-tear packaging The so-called easy-tear package means that it can be torn from the middle, the crack is straight, and the easy-to-tear and easy-to-open sealing film is used as a packaging bag. Easy-tear film packaging originated in Europe in the 1990s. The reason was to reduce harm to children and solve the problem of difficult-to-open plastic packaging. It advocated the promotion of child-friendly and harmless product packaging. Later, easy-tear film was not only used for children. Packaging, but also extends to medical products, food packaging, pet packaging, etc. Compared with traditional ordinary plastic packaging, easy-tear film has outstanding advantages in opening performance. This kind of packaging material has undergone special treatment, and the treatment of plastic must ensure the sealing, quality and practicability of the plastic film. It is also necessary to tear the plastic bag in a certain direction, and it cannot be opened irregularly, otherwise it will easily lead to the scattering of the contents. Easy-tear films are daily used in the fast packaging of food and beverages, and are widely used in the packaging of various foods, medicines, and cosmetics. Easy-to-peel easy-to-peel film is used as a sealing cover film. The outer layer of the cover film is the printing layer, the middle layer is the isolation layer, and the internal memory is the heat sealing layer (consisting of 5 layers of co-extruded film or cast coating film). The position of the easy tear opening can easily open the two films to achieve the effect of easy opening of the package. The easy-to-remove film can be easily removed without any effort when the food needs to be removed for eating. Easy-release film is mostly used in cover films, such as yogurt cover film, milk tea sealing cover film, fast food box cover film, medical equipment cover film, etc. Different usage scenarios have different requirements for cover film.
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