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Eight side sealing bag customization scheme

by:Supouches Packaging     2022-09-16
Eight-side sealing bag is a kind of composite packaging bag, which is named according to its shape. This type of bag is a new type of bag that has emerged in recent years, and it can also be called“Flat bottom pocket, square bottom pocket, organ zipper pocket”and many more. Now many well-known clothing, apparel, and food brands are using this bag type, typically three squirrels, Loulan Ganyan, Qilixiang and so on. The eight-sided sealed bag is widely loved by customers because of its good three-dimensional sense and appearance. ​Today, professional flexible packaging manufacturers will interpret the customized solution of eight-side sealing for you based on years of experience in the production of eight-side sealing bags. 1. The advantages of the eight-sided sealing bag 1. Standing stable, it is conducive to shelf display, and deeply attracts the attention of customers; 2. There are eight printing layouts, which fully describe the product or the product is sold, and the global sales product is promoted for use. The product information display is more complete; 3. Because the bottom of the bag is flat and opened, the bottom of the bag is a good display layout; 4. The eight-sided seal stands upright, which is conducive to the soft display of the brand; 5. The flexible packaging composite process, The material is often changed. According to the thickness of the material, the barrier properties of moisture and oxygen, the metal effect and the printing effect, the advantages are greater than that of a single box; , the box can not compete; 7. Unique appearance, prevent fake charge, easy for customers to identify, which is conducive to brand building; 2. Common materials for eight-sided sealing bags 1. Double-layer plastic-plastic composite film: polyester/polyethylene PET/PE, nylon/polyethylene NY/PE Applicable: general packaging, no need to cook at high temperature, and can display the contents transparently. 2. Double-layer plastic-plastic high temperature cooking film: polyester/polypropylene PET/CPP, nylon/polypropylene NY/CPP Applicable: high temperature cooking, resistant to high temperature above 110℃-120℃. Contents can be displayed transparently. 3., three-layer aluminum-plastic composite film: polyester/aluminum/polyethylene PET/AL/PE nylon/aluminum/polyethylene NY/AL/PE polyester/aluminum/polypropylene PET/AL/CPP nylon/aluminum/poly Applicable to acrylic NY/AL/CPP: upper level packaging, protected from light, no display of contents. 3. The customization process of the eight-side sealing bag Determine some basic information of the eight-side sealing bag, mainly including the material, thickness, bag type, specification and other requirements of the eight-side sealing bag, which is also what you need to know when customizing other types of packaging bags. The design of the eight-side sealing bag is based on the needs of customers, and the designer or packaging bag manufacturer can design and produce it. When designing, it is necessary to provide required printing information, design themes and elements, etc. Novel and creative designs can attract attention, help promote the brand and increase sales. For the plate making of the eight-side sealing bag, the plate-making is directly related to the color printing function of the eight-side sealing bag. The plate making is based on the design manuscript, and the quantity is also determined by the manuscript. For the color printing of the eight-sided sealed bag, after the plate is made, the copper plate is loaded on the printing machine. Color print the graphic of the eight-sided seal bag design onto the first layer of material. The requirement of color printing quality is that there should be no color difference. The materials of the eight-side sealing bag are compounded, and the material films of different functions such as printing materials, barrier materials, and heat-sealing materials are compounded together. For the curing and curing of the eight-side sealing bag, after the materials are compounded, the composite strength is not stable, and it cannot be used immediately. It needs to be cured and cured. Generally, it is put into a constant temperature curing room for 24-48 hours, so that the moisture and solvent in the adhesive can be fully volatilized. For the sub-roll bag making of the eight-side sealed bag, after curing, the customization of the eight-side sealed bag is basically completed.
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