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Essential standards for tea packaging design

by:Supouches Packaging     2022-07-30
To make a good tea packaging product, tea packaging bag manufacturers must have a deep understanding of tea civilization itself, which is the most essential thing in packaging planning. A good tea packaging should be able to maintain the quality of the tea so that it does not change. It is necessary to fully understand the characteristics of tea and the elements that constitute the transformation of tea, so as to select appropriate materials and use them reasonably according to these characteristics, so as to achieve perfection and beauty. At the same time, different tea categories, the inherent civilization and the local characteristics of different regions, need to be deeply understood before they can be visually expressed in the product. my country is the hometown of tea culture, which has a long history and an endless stream. Drinking tea in daily life is a traditional way of leisure for people. In accordance with it, tea packaging and tea utensils should also be beautiful and elegant, and have a certain taste. Therefore, a good tea packaging box should have at least the following four characteristics: First, it has a strong national color or is a product of local folk civilization, so as to resonate with the civilization of production and sales, and promote the development of consumption; The second is to pay attention to people's emotions and desires——Humanize. as will“Dragon and Phoenix”Applied to the ceramic gift tea packaging box, it fully reflects people's“good luck”emotional pursuit. The third is turning around. Contain but not reveal, to become a kind of inner beauty. For example, the elegant shapes and attractive colors of various tea leaves are reproduced on the tea box, and the high mountains, the haze, and the emerald peaks in the tea producing areas; the fourth is to focus on the artistic conception. For example, the folk customs in ancient calligraphy and painting indicate that the product has a long history, creating a mood of tea tasting like a famous painting, bringing people a unique cultural enjoyment.
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