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Experience in packaging and processing of air fresheners

by:Supouches Packaging     2022-01-12
Air fresheners are very common in our lives and have a wide range of applications, especially indoors. They are almost household names. Air fresheners can play a role in removing odors. This removal is mainly to cover the odor of used fresheners. Air fresheners are granular and very small. These small granular fresheners cannot be put directly into one. Because the particles are too small, they are easy to get everywhere, and they must be packed in bags and other things. If you pack too much, the taste is too strong, it will affect the body, and it is easy to cause cost waste, so appropriate packaging must be used. It would be very inconvenient to use manual packaging and processing at this time, and the weight of the packaging is uneven, the packaging efficiency is not high, and it is easy to cause waste. Using a vertical packaging machine to pack this small granular product will make the packaging process very easy, adjust the discharge port to get the weight of the material, because the machine is cyclic and repetitive, so just set the first one. Weight, the weight of the packaged product behind is also the same as the setting. In this way, the quality of the packaged product is the same, the efficiency is improved, and the material is saved, and it will not cause excessive extravagance and waste, and the machine packaging will be effective Beautiful, not as rough and uneven as manual packaging, too many flaws, etc., at the same time it can save manpower and material resources for the enterprise, so as to reduce the cost of labor and production.
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