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Explain the material properties of food packaging bags in detail

by:Supouches Packaging     2022-07-27
In addition to mechanical properties, thermal properties, permeability and chemical properties, polymer materials for food packaging bags also have density, transparency, etc. 1. Food bag density Food bag density is a function of the quality of individual molecules per unit volume and how they are stacked. Recreation Hydrogen compounds are composed of light atoms and, therefore, generally have lower densities. polymers of simple hydrocarbons——The density of polyethylene, polypropylene, and polystyrene is 0.9 μΐ.Ig/cm3. Substitute heavier atoms such as fluorine or chlorine for hydrogen conversion to obtain polyvinyl chloride with a density of 1.2 μl. POM is denser because C-0—The C keys are stacked more tightly. Crystalline polymers are always denser than amorphous polymers because they are more densely packed and therefore denser. The density can reflect the composition, structure and crystallinity of the polymer. 2. Transparency of food packaging bags The transparency of food packaging bags is the ratio of the luminous flux M passing through the object to the total incident luminous flux: it is also called transmittance, and is sometimes measured with light in a certain wavelength range. , the density difference is electrically necessary to determine the transparency, because the refractive index is always proportional to the density. If the density of the amorphous material is similar to that of the crystalline material, light will scatter slightly when passing through a mixture of the two structures, and the material will be transparent; on the other hand, if the density of the two is very different, the material will be opaque. For example, in polyethylene, the difference in density is larger (the relative density of the amorphous state is 0 8 and the crystalline state is’Propylene is less dense (amorphous relative density of 0.85 and crystalline 0.94>,^&However, the polymeric crystalline material can be transparent if the crystals obtained by rapid cooling are so fine as to be shorter than the wavelength of the light to be transmitted. 3. Food packaging bags Absorbent food packaging bags The samples of the specified size are immersed in distilled water at a certain temperature (25 zhang or 20: t 2 zhang) and the weight gain is measured for 24 hours. It is usually expressed as a percentage of weight gain, which is called the water content rate. . It can also be represented by water absorption per unit area (0/0112 or #100/112) or water absorption weight gain (milligrams).
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