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Factors affecting the strength of composite packaging bags

by:Supouches Packaging     2022-08-18
The broken bag of the composite packaging bag is an important factor affecting the packaging suitability, which determines whether the packaging bag can be used for product packaging. There are many factors that affect the breakage of composite packaging bags. The following will be analyzed from four aspects.  1. Peel strength of composite bags  If the peel strength of the composite bag is too low, it cannot meet the requirement of simultaneous force of the multi-layer composite material, resulting in the force cannot be well dispersed, then the bag will be broken during the drop process. In addition, in the high-temperature cooking bag, due to the poor heat resistance of some adhesives, mainly in some complex structures (such as BOPAl5/Al7/CPP70), during high-temperature cooking, it will also cause rupture at the sealing edge, The phenomenon of delamination of composite films.  2. In bag making process  The temperature of the composite bag bag making is too high, which will cause the performance of the heat sealing material at the heat sealing place to decrease, which will affect the bag breaking; the pressure of the bag making is too large, causing the heat sealing material at the heat sealing place to be extruded, and the heat sealing material of the sealing door will be extruded. Reduced, resulting in bag breakage when the bag is dropped. The heat seal of the bag is too sharp, which will also damage the heat cut edge of the bag, resulting in bag breakage.  3. Composite bag materials  The material should have some thickness. If the thickness is insufficient, the strength of the composite bag will be insufficient, which will cause the problem of bag breakage: pay attention to the addition of recycled materials in the material, and the recycled materials will be reduced in all aspects. Broken bag. During the manufacture of PE film, LLDPE and mPE are added to increase the strength and flexibility of PE, thereby reducing bag breakage. If the packaging is used in a low temperature freezing environment, a low temperature resistant packaging material (such as BOPA) should be used to produce the composite film, otherwise it will cause the brittle crack of the composite bag in the low temperature freezing environment.  4. Other aspects of compound bag  When packing some heavy packaging or powder items such as salt, washing powder, etc., after filling such items and before heat sealing, the air in the bag should be exhausted to reduce the force on the wall of the packaging bag and allow the solid The object is directly stressed to reduce the damage of the bag.
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