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Factors that should be considered in the process design of composite packaging bags

by:Supouches Packaging     2021-12-30
1. Whether the source of raw materials for composite packaging bags is stable and whether they can be purchased from specific sources, including various general film substrates, various functional substrates, various inks, adhesives, and functional coating materials. Kinds of resins, additives, etc. Whether the price of raw materials is appropriate, the performance of the substitutes, and whether the specifications of the raw materials are appropriate. 2. Factors of composite packaging bag equipment The adaptability of the printing equipment to materials, whether it has a reversing device, the maximum and minimum specifications of the substrate to which it can adapt, the printing quality level that the printing equipment can achieve, the type of printing equipment and the quality of the printing equipment Affect, such as the range of composite specifications of gravure, flexo, and silk-screen composite equipment. The type of composite equipment is an important factor in determining the performance of composite materials. Dry composite machines can produce various packaging materials and are the most widely used, but the cost is relatively high. Extrusion compounding includes single-layer coating, single-layer extrusion compounding, double or multiple tandem extrusion compounding, co-extrusion compounding, etc. The tandem compounding equipment can compound 5-13 layers of materials at one time, and the co-extrusion compounding can be used for skin function. Sexual material. The specification range of the material to be cut by the slitting equipment, the variety of the material to be cut, the minimum and maximum cutting size, etc. The bag-making equipment section provides various types of bag-making, such as three-side-sealed composite bags, three-dimensional bags, zipper bags, etc., the largest and smallest specifications that can be made. 3. The impact of composite packaging bag product requirements on the process ①Different products have different amounts of glue. ②The maturation time and temperature of different products are different. ③The requirements for material corona are different. The material of the middle layer needs to be treated on both sides, the corona side of the fuse sealing bag should be facing outward, and the heat-sealed part should not be corona treated. ④In the production of nylon, it must be bandaged to prevent moisture in time. ⑤High opening requirements, pay attention to powder spraying. ⑥The product is required to be flat and firm for scraping and dry, flexible and easy to use for squeezing. ⑦Extrusion for anti-shrinkage of back-seal bags ⑧Food and medicine packaging bags need to be inspected to prevent foreign matter from being mixed in. ⑨Adjust whether the printing is empty or not, and whether to increase the preheating temperature according to the raw materials and working environment. Whether to adjust the production speed of compounding, whether to change the binder ratio.
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