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Features of Aluminum Foil Bags and Wrinkles in Edge Sealing

by:Supouches Packaging     2021-12-22
The characteristics of aluminum foil bags are: 1. Strong air barrier performance. Anti-oxidation. Waterproof. Moisture-proof; 2. Strong mechanical properties. High blast resistance. Strong puncture and tear resistance; 3. High temperature resistance (121℃). Low temperature (-50℃). Oil resistance. Good fragrance retention performance; 4. Non-toxic and tasteless, in line with food and drug packaging hygiene standards; 5. Good heat-seal performance, flexibility, and high barrier performance. The company specializes in the production: PVC.PET.POF.PE shrink film, shrink label. Food bags, composite bags, facial mask bags, composite aluminum foil bags. The reasons for the wrinkling of the edge banding are usually: 1. The material is not temperature-resistant enough, and the material wrinkles after being sealed at high temperature. So first check the temperature resistance of several materials at present. 2. The glue and ink are not temperature-resistant enough. 3. Too much residual solvent in glue and ink will evaporate and cause bubbles and wrinkles in the process of sealing and ironing. Check for solvent residue at this time. 4. The parallelism of the heat sealing knife of the bag making machine, the hardness and flatness of the silica gel do not meet the requirements of heat sealing, and there are foreign objects on the sealing knife. The reasons for the failure to seal are usually: 1. The initiation temperature of the hot air material is too high, or the heat sealing performance is unstable. The material should be replaced at this time. 2. The temperature of the heat-sealing knife is too low or the pressure is too low. To solve this problem, firstly investigate the above reasons one by one. Special attention should be paid to the source of the inner CPP material, and the material adjustment should be discussed with the supplier; secondly, it is recommended to use a heavy-duty bag making machine for such thick materials to provide higher High heat sealing pressure and stable heat sealing temperature. You can also use a laboratory heat-sealing instrument to test the material's heat-sealing curve to prove the performance of the material, so as to analyze the cause of the equipment or the material.
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