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Five main points of food packaging bag design

by:Supouches Packaging     2021-12-19
In the process of designing food packaging bags, many times due to small negligence, the final food packaging bags are not neat, such as cutting to patterns or text, or poor connection, and the color is cut in many cases because of some designs. Error in. We should pay attention to a few small knowledge when confirming the design manuscript of food packaging bags to help you make food packaging smoothly. The first point: the pattern and text on the design layout of the food packaging bag must be cut at an equal distance of 25px to avoid being cut during cutting. The text must be converted to a curve or outline. Do not use system characters for the text, as it will cause white nodes at the interlaced strokes. After the text is converted into a curve, please pay attention to whether there is a line skipping or overlapping between the characters or lines. Do not use overprinting to fill in black text. The second point: The design color of the food packaging bag cannot be required by the color printed on the screen or printer. The customer must refer to the percentage of the CMYK color spectrum to determine the coloring when making. At the same time, note that the CMYK color spectrum produced by different manufacturers is affected by factors such as the material used, the type of ink, and the printing pressure, and the same color block will be different. The third point: the same food packaging bag design, the color will be different in different times of printing, the chromatic aberration is normal within 10% (due to the difference in ink volume control each time), large machine printing, consider one and lose the other, If there are old files to be printed, in order to avoid excessive color difference, you can only refer to the digital color samples issued by our company. The color difference of printed products of different times shall not be used as a reason for return. The fourth point: The food packaging bag design manuscript does not need to draw cross lines and cutting lines. Two invisible wire frames can be used as the production size and bleeding line 92mm×56mm. After cutting, it is 90mm×54mm (that is, 1mm on each side) Bleeding). If you need special size, please specify in the order form and the uploaded document. Fifth point: The color value of the shading or base map of the food packaging bag design should not be less than 10% to avoid failure to show when the finished product is printed.
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