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Foil bags and stand-up bags - how much do you know about packaging bags?

by:Supouches Packaging     2022-07-23
Stand-up pouches and aluminum foil bags are two widely used packaging bags in packaging work. Do you know the specific application of stand-up pouches and packaging bags? Today's professional flexible packaging manufacturer packaging will explain it to you one by one. 1. Aluminum foil bags Aluminum foil bags are the darling of plastic flexible packaging. Aluminum foil bags are used in the packaging of many products. So what are the methods of making aluminum foil bags and what should be paid attention to? The bare body aluminum foil bag is generally made of several materials after compounding, and then the bag is made according to customer requirements. During the high temperature cooking aluminum foil bag, there are generally four layers or even more composite materials. Four layers: PET/AL/NY/RCPP, Anti-static aluminum foil bags are generally composed of three or four layers, three layers: PET/AL/PE, four layers: PET/AL/NY/PE, among which anti-static aluminum foil bags are divided into double-sided anti-static aluminum foil bags And a single-sided anti-static aluminum foil bag! 1. Material composition of aluminum foil bag: PET, aluminum foil, PE film, PET, aluminum foil, CPP film. 2. Characteristics of aluminum foil bags: anti-corrosion, suffocation, light-proof, high temperature resistance, and can be evacuated. 3. Selection of patchwork: The more patchwork, the lower the cost. Selecting the appropriate specification according to the equipment condition can greatly reduce the loss. 4. Adhesive selection; select adhesives with high initial tack, high solid content and good wettability. 5. The amount of glue applied in the production process of the aluminum foil bag is about 1.5 times that of the white film. When the printing is full bottom or the printing area is large, the amount of glue should be further expanded. After the first compound is cured for 13 hours, the second compound is performed, and the product is cured for 72 hours. The aluminum foil does not pass through the flattening roll, but faces into the compounding roll. Tension control. The temperature of the oven and the composite roller should be as far as possible. 2. Stand-up bags Stand-up bags are also called stand-up bags and stand-up bags, which means packaging bags that can stand upright and can print rich pictures and texts. A stand-up pouch is a bag made of a variety of plastic films and then passed through a bag making machine. It is used to package clothing, food, pharmaceuticals, industrial products, and daily necessities. A stand-up pouch is a plastic packaging bag that can stand up. Generally, there are two or three or four layers of materials such as PET/PE, PET/CPP, OPP/PE, OPP/CPP, PA/PE, PET/AL/ PE, OPP/AL/PE, etc., the composite aluminum foil material (AL) is called self-supporting aluminum foil bag, and the composite aluminized material is called self-supporting aluminized bag, which is called differently according to the material. There is not much difference between stand-up pouch printing and self-sealing pouches. The only difference is that the stand-up pouch has a bottom organ and can stand up with or without anything, while the zip-lock pouch cannot. The stand-up pouch is different from the general packaging bag making machine, and the type of bag produced is also different. The bottom of the stand-up pouch is generally called the bottom insert, and it is precisely because of this bottom insert bag that it stands on its own, such as at the seal. With the sticker, it is also a self-supporting self-sealing bag, also called a self-supporting zipper bag. Since stand-up bags can stand up independently and have better shelf display, many buyers love this bag type, so stand-up bags are also widely used in clothing, food, hardware and electronics, daily necessities, medical supplies and other aspects of life. .
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