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Food packaging bag manufacturers' plate-making process for solid resin plates

by:Supouches Packaging     2021-12-20
The plate-making process of solid resin plate of food packaging bag manufacturers is basically the same as that of liquid resin plate. It must undergo exposure, punching, drying and post-exposure, but there is an additional heat curing process. 1. Exposure. The exposure is carried out in the exposure machine. Expose the positive negative picture in close contact with the resin plate, generally choose a low-power cold light with rich ultraviolet light 2. Drying and post-exposure 3. Rinse: Rinse in a processor with warm water at a temperature of 45~50°C. The water pressure is generally controlled at 2~2.5kgf/c. 4. Heat curing The solid resin of the food packaging bag manufacturer is a pre-coated sheet, which has good flatness and stable dimensions, and can be used to make mesh patterns. Although the process is simple, the cost is higher than the liquid resin version. The solid resin, pre-coated sheet, fixed on the metal base or polyester film base, with better flatness, is the pre-coated sheet, fixed to the metal On the base or polyester film base, the shrinkage is good, the size is stable, the quality is high, and the screen pattern can be made. Photosensitive nylon plates, because nylon molecules have amides and hydrogen bonds between molecules.
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