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Food packaging bag material selection criteria, worthy of collection!

by:Supouches Packaging     2022-07-15
With the rapid development of society, there are all kinds of food in life now, and due to the different characteristics of each food, when packaging food, it is necessary to choose different materials according to the requirements of the characteristics of the food, then in What problems should we pay attention to when choosing packaging bag materials? Today, professional flexible packaging manufacturers will explain the packaging for everyone. Customers who need to customize food packaging bags can refer to them. 1. Product requirements for biscuit packaging bags: good barrier properties, strong shading, oil resistance, high strength, odorless and tasteless, and the packaging is very scratchy. Design structure: BOPP/EXPE/VMPET/EXPE/S-CPP Reason: BOPP has good rigidity, good printability and low cost. VMPET has good barrier properties, avoiding light, oxygen, and water. S-CPP has good low temperature heat sealing and oil resistance. 2. Green tea packaging bag product requirements: anti-deterioration, anti-discoloration, anti-smell, that is, to prevent the oxidation of protein, chlorophyll, catechin, and vitamin C contained in green tea. Design structure: BOPP/AL/PE, BOPP/VMPET/PE, KPET/PE Reason: AL foil, VMPET, KPET are all materials with excellent barrier properties, which have good barrier properties to oxygen, water vapor and odor. AK foil and VMPET also have excellent light shielding properties. The price of the product is moderate. 3. Product requirements for puffed snack food packaging bags: oxygen resistance, water resistance, light protection, oil resistance, fragrance preservation, scratchy appearance, bright colors, and low cost. Design structure: BOPP/VMCPP Reason: BOPP and VMCPP are very scratchy, BOPP has good printability and high gloss. VMCPP has good barrier properties, retains fragrance and prevents moisture. CPP oil resistance is also better. 4. Product requirements for milk powder packaging bags: long shelf life, preservation of fragrance and taste, anti-oxidative deterioration, and anti-moisture caking. Design structure: BOPP/VMPET/S-PE Reason: BOPP has good printability, good gloss, good strength and moderate price. VMPET has good barrier properties, avoids light, has good toughness, and has metallic luster. It is better to use reinforced PET aluminum plating, and the AL layer is thick. S-PE has good anti-pollution sealing and low temperature heat sealing. 5. Product requirements for ground coffee packaging bags: Anti-water absorption, anti-oxidation, resistant to hard lumps of the product after vacuuming, and keep the volatile and easily oxidized aroma of coffee. Design structure: PET/PE/AL/PE, PA/VMPET/PE Reason: AL, PA, VMPET have good barrier properties, water barrier, gas barrier, and PE has good heat sealing properties. 6. Product requirements for chocolate packaging bags: good barrier properties, avoid light, beautiful printing, low temperature heat sealing. Design structure: pure chocolate varnish/ink/white BOPP/PVDC/cold sealant praline chocolate varnish/ink/VMPET/AD/BOPP/PVDC/cold sealant Reason: PVDC, VMPET are high barrier materials, cold seal The glue can be sealed at a very low temperature, and the heat will not affect the chocolate. Since the nuts contain more oil and are easily oxidized and deteriorated, an oxygen barrier layer is added to the structure. 7. Retort packaging bag product requirements: It is used for the packaging of meat, poultry, etc. It is required that the packaging has good barrier properties, is resistant to bone hole breakage, and is sterilized under cooking conditions without breaking, cracking, shrinking, and odor. Design structure: Transparent class: BOPA/CPP, PET/CPP, PET/BOPA/CPP, BOPA/PVDC/CPP, PET/PVDC/CPP, GL-PET/BOPA/CPP Aluminum foil class: PET/AL/CPP, PA/ AL/CPP, PET/PA/AL/CPP, PET/AL/PA/CPP Reason: PET: high temperature resistance, good rigidity, good printability and high strength. PA: high temperature resistance, high strength, flexibility, good barrier properties, puncture resistance. AL: Best barrier properties, high temperature resistance. CPP: high temperature cooking grade, good heat sealing, non-toxic and tasteless. PVDC: High temperature resistant barrier material. GL-PET: ceramic vapor deposition film, good barrier property, transmits microwave. Choose the appropriate structure for specific products, most of the transparent bags are used for cooking, and AL foil bags can be used for ultra-high temperature cooking.
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