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Food packaging bags also need to meet standards to be safe

by:Supouches Packaging     2022-07-18
We often say that food hygiene refers to all the measures taken to ensure its safety, usefulness and integrity in all stages of food cultivation, production, manufacture and consumption. Food safety means that food is non-toxic and harmless, meets the required nutritional requirements, and does not cause any acute, subacute or chronic harm to human health. According to Benoy's food safety definition, food safety is“Public Health Issues of the Effects of Toxic and Harmful Substances in Food on Human Health”. Food safety is also an interdisciplinary field devoted to ensuring food hygiene and food safety, reducing potential disease risks, and preventing food poisoning in the process of food processing, storage, and sales. Therefore, food safety is very important. Food manufacturers who have passed the acceptance inspection by relevant state departments must understand that the production of safe and hygienic food revolves around multiple links. The use of food packaging bags is also inextricably linked to the safety and hygiene of food. Even if there is no problem in the process of research and development, preparation and production of a food, there are problems in the process of packaging and transportation, resulting in supermarkets and supermarkets. Wouldn't it be a pity for consumers to return goods and eat them after they have had an impact on their health? Food packaging bags are the outer packaging of food as a direct contact. Its quality directly affects the interests of manufacturers. When choosing food packaging bags, manufacturers must choose reliable and stable manufacturers. Good food packaging bags not only There will be no problem in quality, and it is not enough to not pay attention to a small detail. For example, in the design of the external pattern of the food packaging bag, not only should the characteristics of the manufacturer and the product be highlighted, but also the details should be avoided. Any omissions, such as things that must be printed on the packaging bags required by the state, such as QS, nutritional composition table, implementation standards, QS license numbers of food manufacturers and packaging bag printing manufacturers, etc., must be strictly followed. Otherwise, the quality inspection department will also check.
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