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Food packaging bags-guarantee food quality and safety

by:Supouches Packaging     2022-07-19
The packaging film must meet the national standard and cannot be shoddy. Food companies must first figure out what materials their food packaging bags need; secondly, find regular packaging companies for customized processing. Due to the lack of professional knowledge of packaging materials and the simple pursuit of low prices, some food business personnel are often fooled. Food packaging bags must meet food safety and quality requirements. 1. Food companies should require packaging bag manufacturers to use packaging films that meet national standards. For example, the material of the composite bag should be green and environmentally friendly, and do not use dry composite plastic packaging containing harmful substances such as benzene, because the solvent easily penetrates and contaminates the food. 2. Food packaging bags should be flat. No scratches, burns, bubbles and wrinkles, no false seals. Flatness is not only an aesthetic requirement, but also the quality of the food. If the seal of the bag is not flat, the food packaging used for high temperature cooking or low temperature freezing is easy to crack. 3, printing to use green materials. The QS standard requires that food packaging should not detect benzene-based solvents that are harmful to human health. However, because benzene-based solvents are about 30% lower in price than environmentally friendly benzene-free and ketone-free solvents, and the brightness and color fastness are better, so many Such materials are also used in the printing of packaging bags, and there are often problems of contamination of food. 4. The production environment of the packaging enterprises that make food bags must meet the standards to avoid contamination of the food bags during the bag making process.
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