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Food packaging design tips, ordinary people I don't tell him!

by:Supouches Packaging     2022-07-12
With the continuous development of society, people's demand for food packaging is also increasing, so the food packaging on the market has appeared strange, and all kinds of packaging are thinking about how to attract customers to buy. So what rules should be followed when designing food packaging to design a good food packaging? 1. Clear policy Some foods are often aimed at a specific consumer group, which can be expressed from the packaging. For example, for middle-aged and elderly food, since the packaging method is more traditional, the color selection should use deep and stable colors; the packaging of children's food should reflect liveliness and cuteness. Products for a certain region can reflect local characteristics, such as traditional culture. 2. The rapid development of aesthetic value society has improved our aesthetics, and satisfying people's aesthetics is an important topic in packaging design. Simply putting a product photo can no longer satisfy people's aesthetics, and it can be displayed in an artistic way. Food packaging designers can use abstract methods to make product packaging not only artistic, but also give space for reverie. 3. Moderate packaging The packaging picture can be moderately exaggerated, but cannot be exaggerated at will. Modern food packaging design uses artistic effects to reflect the characteristics of the product. This method can make up for the deficiencies brought about by shooting. The ingredients and materials can be combined at will, so that the product can be more intuitively understood and trusted. 4. Packaging together To make your product stand out from many similar products, you need to have an innovative spirit and make people shine. Packaging specializes in the production of food packaging bags, and can help with free design. If necessary, welcome to inquire.
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