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Food packaging safety of packaging manufacturers is guaranteed

by:Supouches Packaging     2022-09-12
Today's food safety issues are attracting more and more attention. Food is related to our healthy life, and even life safety. Food safety includes the safety issues of raw materials used in food production, hygienic conditions in the production process of food, etc., and the packaging of food. Safety and non-toxicity are also particularly important. Packaging materials that can usually be directly used for packaging and directly contact food packaging are classified according to the number of composite layers: double-layer composite: paper/aluminum foil, paper/PE, PE/PVDC, PET/PE, PT/PE, PVC/PE, NY/PVDC, PP/PVDC, etc.; three-layer composite: BOPP/PE/OPP, PET/PVDC/PE, PET/PT/PE, PT/AL/PE, wax/paper/PE, etc.; four-layer composite: PT/ PE/BOPP/PE, PVDC/PT/PVDC/PE, paper/aluminum foil/paper/PE, etc.; five-layer composite: PVDC/PT/PE/AL/PE, etc.; six-layer composite: PE/paper/PE/AL/ PE/PE etc. The safety of food packaging bags is closely related to food safety. How should we choose food packaging bags suitable for our products? When purchasing food packaging bags, you must choose the safest and most reliable plastic food packaging bags according to the food you produce! Precautions when using food packaging bags The following information should be marked on the food packaging bags, and consumers have the right to know. The marked information includes: the name of the food, the ingredients of the food, the nutritional content, the implementation standard, the shelf life, the storage method, the consumption method, the information of the manufacturer, etc. You must know that only with a detailed introduction, complete documents, permission from the state department, and the issuance of a food production license can you be regarded as a qualified food manufacturer, and can produce food and use food packaging bags. We must attach importance to food safety and be a conscientious enterprise.
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