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Food vacuum packaging bags need attention

by:Supouches Packaging     2022-07-11
With the continuous acceleration of the pace of life, the use of food vacuum packaging bags is becoming more and more extensive. Today, I warmly remind our friends that food vacuum packaging bags are directly related to our health. Therefore, we must pay attention to the use of four major food vacuum packaging bags. Precautions are as follows. Food vacuum packaging bags need attention. Food vacuum packaging bags need attention"for food"Words. The product is accompanied by a product inspection certificate after leaving the factory. This kind of food vacuum packaging bag is relatively safe. Food vacuum packaging bags need to pay attention to 2. Colored vacuum packaging bags (dark red or black currently used in the market, etc. (color) can not be used for food packaging. Because such vacuum packaging bags are often made of recycled plastic. Food vacuum packaging bags need to pay attention to 3. Food vacuum packaging bags are odorless and odorless when they leave the factory Food vacuum packaging bags with odor can not be used as food packaging bags. Food vacuum packaging bags need to pay attention to 4. Try to choose food vacuum packaging bags without coating or plating. A large number of materials with coating are used. This not only makes it difficult to recycle and reuse the materials after the products are scrapped, but most of the coatings themselves are toxic. If people eat the food packaged in these food bags, it will cause serious damage to people's bodies. In addition, the coating and plating process also brings great pollution to the environment. For example, the coating volatilizes toxic solvent gas, and the electroplating produces waste liquid and waste residue pollution containing heavy metals such as chromium. Coated and coated food vacuum packaging bags.
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