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Four questions and four answers on clothing bags, I understand it completely!

by:Supouches Packaging     2022-09-25
The garment bag is designed, how to present it beautifully? Can the garment bag be proofed first? Is there an advantage in making your own custom packaging bags in the clothing industry? Do garment bags help with branding? I believe that this is a problem that most clothing companies are very concerned about when they customize packaging bags. Then, professional flexible packaging manufacturers will specifically interpret the related issues of clothing bag customization. 1. How are the garment bags beautifully presented? The packaging adheres to the sophisticated style. There are many professional masters who have been in the industry for more than 20 years for color printing, and professional quality inspectors check the quality of the printing surface, so that every detail of the packaging bag is exquisite and beautiful. 2, garment bag customization can be first Proofing? We all know that the customization of garment bags is a batch operation, which is very different from the individual customization of products, so this requires customers to choose a garment bag customization factory and then make a deposit. This is also a guarantee for manufacturers to avoid risks. Assuming that it is produced and the customized merchant goes back on it, the batch of goods produced by the manufacturer can only be sold as scrap, so most merchants will pay 30% in advance.——50% deposit, so that the factory will take orders and produce. Customization is often not formed at one time. It needs to be modified several times. The customization of clothing packaging bags is also the same. Everyone has different understandings of products, and naturally the requirements are also different. Therefore, for customized products, factories generally will One sample should be produced first, and only if the sample is approved by the customizer, then there will be a basis to follow, and the factory also has a basis for reference in the process of production, and there will be no errors due to lack of concepts. After the customized sample of the garment bag is produced, it is the production of large-scale goods. The next step is to be the same as the spot, through packaging, logistics, and finally to the dealer's hands, thus ending the process of customization. 3. Are there advantages to custom clothing bags? Customized clothing bags are selected and printed according to customer requirements. Different product customers have different materials and printing requirements, which can achieve different design styles of different products and make products more popular with consumers. 4. Are garment bags helpful for brand building? For ordinary customers, they often pay attention to whether the packaging of the clothes they buy is beautiful, and then they will further pay attention to some information on the packaging. However, for professional flexible packaging manufacturers, packaging is more about packaging materials and production processes, and even intentionally or unintentionally looking for printing defects, such as whether overprinting is accurate, and whether thin text and lines can see the edges clearly……In fact, in the final analysis, the content and function of clothing packaging bags should be aggregated for the three functions of brand promotion, marketing promotion and product advertising. At the same time, we will find an excellent manufacturer of clothing packaging bags, so that the above three functions can be displayed on the packaging, and even more functions and more perfect details can be realized. In the final analysis, for clothing brands, clothing bags have an irreplaceable role in branding/marketing promotion, because before consumers make purchasing decisions, clothing bags are the last link between consumers and brands. A good packaging bag can not only give consumers an excellent consumption experience, but also drive the brand into the eyes and even the hearts of consumers. Customization of clothing packaging bags is your best choice.
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