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Frequently Asked Questions about the Edge Sealing of Mask Bags

by:Supouches Packaging     2022-07-19
Most of the mask bags are packaging bags containing aluminum foil or aluminized materials. The basic physical characteristics of the mask bags and their own needs are: in addition to the excellent performance reflection on the aluminum foil packaging bags, the most intuitive is the performance of texture and the guarantee of the mask. shelf life. Most masks have a shelf life of more than 12 months, or even 36 months. With such a long shelf life, the most basic requirements for packaging are airtightness and high barrier properties. In view of the consumption characteristics of the mask itself and the requirements of its own shelf life, the material structure and requirements of the mask packaging bag are basically determined. Now the primary structure of most masks is PET/AL/PE, PET/AL/PET/PE, PET/VMPET/PE, BOPP/VMPET/PE, BOPP/AL/PE, MAT-OPP/VMPET/PE, MAT-OPP /AL/PE etc. So what are the common problems when sealing the edge of the mask bag? The following professional flexible packaging manufacturers will briefly discuss the packaging. 1. Take PET/AL/PE as an example for edge sealing and wrinkling. Generally, the PE of the mask bag is produced from the special PE material for the mask, and its general feature is the low temperature heat sealing function. During our operation, high temperature wrinkles often appear at high temperatures, and virtual seals appear at low temperatures. Therefore, our production managers and machine operators should be very clear that at a certain speed point in production, the temperature of each heat sealing knife is different, and clear data records are required. Of course, some treatment can also be done on the PE material of the mask, which is to indicate a suitable temperature control range for the PE film, so as to better control the temperature range of the edge sealing (clarification: The thickness uniformity of PE will be higher than the general structural requirements. , that is to say, it cannot show too much thickness deviation value). In terms of mechanical equipment, the cooling knife part, if the cooling temperature is not good, will also appear edge sealing wrinkle phenomenon, that is, in the cooling knife part, the cooling temperature of the aluminum foil structure is not adjusted. In the heat sealing knife part, if the pressure is adjusted unbalanced, there will also be wrinkles on the sealing edge. For MAT-OPP as the fabric structure and PET as the fabric structure, there will be relatively less wrinkle. 2. The phenomenon of edge sealing and virtual sealing is also taken as an example of PET/AL/PE. We all know very well that aluminum foil-containing structural materials, whether it is an ester-soluble dry compounding process or a solvent-free compounding process, for semi-finished products, both ends of the roll film are always There will be a width of about 5mm that is not fully compounded, so when there is this imaginary edge that is not compounded, problems will easily arise. Since it is impossible for the laminating machine to have an absolutely parallel flat surface when multiple layers of materials are compounded, during the bag making process, when passing over each guide roller, there is a possibility that the aluminum foil will be scraped or scraped off. , the scraped aluminum foil scraps are easily involved in between the PE and the PE layer (that is, inside the bag), so the material is involved in the sealing edge to form a virtual sealing phenomenon. Others, when the double-sided bag or veneer is released, sometimes the temperature is too high and the temperature is not good on the horizontal sealing edge. At this time, the pressure of the heat sealing knife is mostly unbalanced or the sealing knife screw fails caused by locking. Of course, it is also possible that the raw material PE is thick and thin, which will also lead to the phenomenon of virtual sealing of the heat-sealed edge. Therefore, for the special PE for mask, the requirement for uniformity of thickness is higher than that of general PE. 3. Bubble phenomenon in edge sealing Generally speaking, there are bubbles in the sealing edge of the aluminum foil bag, which are caused by the high temperature of the heat sealing knife. But on the other hand, it may also be caused by the pressure imbalance or too much pressure of the heat sealing knife. 4. The edge is uneven. Take PET/AL/PE as an example, the first reason is the same as the first reason in point (2), the aluminum foil may be scratched, and then compounded with When the film rolls go together, it is easy to stay on the edge of the sealing knife, forming a hard object, resulting in the phenomenon of indentation and indentation; the second aspect is that the PE rubber particles stick to the cooling knife, resulting in pits on the edge of the sealing. Therefore, when the machine is officially turned on, it is required to clean the sealing knife, guide roller, etc., to avoid the formation of the above-mentioned undesirable phenomena. Then there is the defect of the sealing knife, which is prone to this phenomenon. On the other hand, the silica gel on the sub-board is pressed for too long, and when it reaches a certain capacity, when softening or grooves appear, it is easy to cause the bad phenomenon; at the same time, this reason will also lead to the phenomenon of edge sealing bubbles or virtual sealing. After a certain amount of production capacity, the silica gel must be replaced.
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