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Frequently Asked Questions about Zipper Bags

by:Supouches Packaging     2022-01-14
【Abstract】In the process of zipper bag processing, there are often phenomena such as unevenness, delamination and dead folds in the heat-sealed part, which has become a problem in the bag making process of the soft bag factory. This article provides eight solutions to these problems, hoping to help manufacturers 'drive away' these ills! [Text] Common problems 1. The sealing part of the zipper and the bag body is not flat; 2. The part where the zipper is sealed with the bag body has partial delamination; 3. The two ends of the zipper and the side seal of the bag cross the part. 'Dead pleats'; 4. Partial delamination occurs at the place where the two ends of the zipper intersect with the side seal of the bag. Solution After comparing and observing many types of zipper bags with undesirable phenomena, the above problems are related to the following items: 1. The heat shrinkage rate of the zipper itself is greater than that of the composite film; 2. The melting point of the zipper itself is greater than or equal to the heat seal The melting point of the layer film; 3. The cross section of the snap button on the zipper is too large; 4. The design of the local heat sealing rod on the zipper bag making machine is unreasonable. It is recommended to use an ultrasonic heat sealing device; 5. The design of the local heat sealing head is not Reasonable (too small); 6. The output power or pressure of the ultrasonic heat sealing device is insufficient; 7. The heat resistance of the ink layer is insufficient; 8. The hardness of the silicone rubber pad is inappropriate. Please pay attention to the latest articles and information: Plastic bags
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