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Frozen food packaging processing and preservation technology and equipment development

by:Supouches Packaging     2022-01-27
Nowadays, ready-to-open food is not only satisfied with solving hunger, but also has a higher level of goals, diversity, health, deliciousness, and of course, more sophisticated. The development of food processing equipment and technology allows restaurants to produce high-quality heated and ready-to-eat products. Even if heated at home, you can taste the same delicious food as the restaurant. Providing consumers with convenient and high-quality ready-to-eat foods has grown in demand, and coating, mixing and shaping frozen foods has become a new trend in the food packaging and processing industry.  The quick-frozen ready-to-eat food industry is booming. A study by a global industry analysis company shows that the sales of the industry by 2015 are expected to reach 186 billion U.S. dollars. Consumers are increasingly interested in ethnic and international foods, and their demand for healthy diets is also increasing. These factors have promoted the rapid development of the industry. The analysis report pointed out three main factors driving this growth: consumer demand for convenience, the development of innovative foods, and the development of refrigeration and freezing technologies.   Modified atmosphere packaging has become one of the most effective ways to extend the shelf life, ensure the quality of food and enhance the appearance of the packaging. In addition, because it is a sealed package, the food in the modified atmosphere package can be protected from external pollution and influence, thereby maintaining the quality of the original food packaging and processing. Modified atmosphere packaging has been used to extend the shelf life of food, especially meat products. But now, modified atmosphere packaging has been used for all kinds of food packaging, whether it is fresh salads, fruits, or sandwiches and packaged snacks.  Adopting modified atmosphere packaging to change the gas composition in food packaging by adjusting the content of oxygen, nitrogen and carbon dioxide, which can inhibit the growth of microorganisms, control the reaction of enzymes and biochemical substances, and reduce water loss. The gas composition in food packaging is based on the type of food. The right gas can not only extend the shelf life of the food, but also make the food more delicious and attractive, thereby attracting suppliers and consumers.   Modified atmosphere packaging mainly uses a series of liquid or gaseous high-purity gases. Carbon dioxide is one of the widely used gases in modified atmosphere packaging, which can be used to inhibit the growth of most bacteria and molds, and is widely used in the packaging of bakery foods. Another gas widely used in modified atmosphere packaging is nitrogen. As an inert gas, nitrogen can replace air-especially oxygen, because aerobic bacteria will continue to multiply and breed in an aerobic environment, and oxygen will also cause oxidative deterioration of food. In addition, we also need to reduce or remove water to prevent the growth of microorganisms.   Like the FreshlineQS tunnel quick-freezer, it can help restaurants produce delicious instant foods and sell them on supermarket shelves. The QS tunnel quick-freezer can be used for continuous freezing, with low initial investment, and can be easily integrated into existing or new production lines. The    tunnel quick-freezing machine has a simple design, so even processing personnel who have just come into contact with low-temperature food freezing technology can easily complete the operation. Hot food enters the quick-freezer from one end, enters the deep cold environment of liquid nitrogen through the conveyor belt, and completes freezing or cooling when it comes out of the other end of the freezer. Food can be frozen or cooled in a few seconds, and then finished products can be made, packaged, stored, or shipped.   Compared with other solutions, the liquid nitrogen freezing and cooling solution requires only a small footprint. More importantly, thanks to the rapid freezing function of liquid nitrogen, it can keep the food in its original flavor when frozen at low temperatures. Just as consumers' demand for convenient, high-quality ready-to-eat foods is increasing, coating, mixing and shaping frozen foods has become a new trend in food processing.
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