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Garbage plastic is recycled to produce plastic bags, condoms become food bags

by:Supouches Packaging     2022-01-01
Colorful plastic bags are by our side every day. We have used them to store live fish on the market, hot steamed buns, oily stir-fries... But did you know that these glamorous plastic bags that we can use with confidence, but the prototype It may be a syringe, or a condom, or even a mixture of several garbage bags. Our reporter followed up and visited unannounced for seven days, recording the process of turning garbage bags into disposable plastic bags. Step 1. Recycling paper bags, injection bags, all peeled and sold for money. At 18:00 on November 13, an ordinary garbage spot on Ziqiang Street in Changchun City was full of garbage. Mrs. Zhang, who was in her 50s, was squatting on the garbage, tearing it seriously. Carrying every bag of garbage, but her prey is not the items in the bag but the garbage bag itself. 'It’s three cents and five jin. It’s not easy to pick up anything. The money comes quickly.' Mrs. Zhang is a frequent visitor to this rubbish spot. Her daily task is to 'skin' the rubbish at different rubbish spots, no matter if it is The dripping wet bags are still the toilet paper bags in the toilets of various toilets. She has to empty them one by one. These bags will be sent to the waste collection station to exchange money by her early in the morning. In addition, one of her 'foreign wealth' is disposable needles and injection bags thrown out by several nearby private clinics.   Mrs. Zhang said that almost all purchase stations in Changchun accept these items, and the price of medical waste is higher. Step 2: Washing, whether it is toxic or not, but only by color. On November 14, a Tianling pickup truck drove into a courtyard near Balibao in the eastern suburbs of Changchun City, opened the car baffle, and colored waste plastic bags mixed with rot. The smell is pouring out. The workers in this courtyard will clean the garbage bags and sort them by color. Whether it is a disposable syringe or a used condom, the workers only sort by color, because they are all sorted by the high temperature of the machine. It will turn into plastic particles, which are also raw materials for plastic products such as disposable plastic bags.   At this time, the reporter heard the roar of the motor coming from a simple plastic greenhouse. Several female workers in turbans were throwing plastic bags into the old machine among the flying plastic.   'Large clods and debris will be knocked out here, or the machine will be broken easily.' The female worker said that the main function of the machine is to crush and peel off the dirt on the garbage bag. And deep in the greenhouse, a device similar to a waterwheel was washing the plastic that was placed on it.   'Can this be cleaned?' the reporter asked. 'Just to wash the little mud, there is nothing clean about a broken piece of plastic, and you won't be able to see anything after it is burned for a while,' a worker replied. 'Where does the water flow?' 'Isn't there the ground in front of me, and it all flows out after digging a trench.' 'Is this plastic bag poisonous?' 'There are all kinds of bags, you say they are poisonous and not poisonous.' Step 3: Melting Sometimes processed food bags also add some recycled materials. Then the reporter came to the production workshop. There is a row of crushing pools in the workshop. There are roller-like gears in the pool that are stirring and cutting. A worker keeps filling waste plastic bags in it. , The other end of the furnace is connected to a machine that continuously extrudes plastic filaments like noodles. These black plastic filaments are quickly cut into half-centimeter-long pellets.   'The non-toxic and tasteless food bags you are going to make, we can't do it. The fine material will cost 10,000 yuan a ton.' The fine material mentioned by the boss refers to polyethylene and polypropylene extracted from petroleum. As the boss said, he took the reporter to the room and pointed to a pile of white plastics, saying that these white plastics are all recycled good materials and cost 7,000 yuan a ton. 'These materials are okay to make high-density food bags.'    'Aren't these recycled products toxic?' the reporter asked, 'Where are the non-toxic ones? Anyone who makes the fine materials is not toxic and loses money. You have to mix some of them. Material.' A worker next to the boss interrupted. The boss said that he only produces pellets. As for what pellets do, he can't control it.   Step 4 Bag making A small processing point can process one ton of raw materials a day   There is a processing point specializing in processing disposable plastic bags near Songjiawazi. The closed door makes this processing point a bit mysterious. This is a big yard. One side of the wall is full of plastic particles. Five or six film blowing machines are placed opposite the door. Light blue plastic bags are constantly being blown out of one machine. Several female workers cut and packaged. According to workers, they buy pellets of different colors from other factories and fill them with different masterbatches to create disposable plastic bags of different colors such as blue, white, black, and red. It is reported that this processing site can process one ton of raw materials a day.
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