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Garment bags are destined to be refined, say goodbye to rough

by:Supouches Packaging     2022-09-25
The day before yesterday, I visited a new customer. This customer is a foreign clothing and apparel OEM, and packaging bags are naturally a big demand for them. After understanding, they chose to upgrade the packaging and confirmed the cooperation the day before yesterday. But a surprising phenomenon was found in the conversation: they used low-quality products at high prices in their early years. To the customers, they showed the packaging bag products they used in the early years, including a series of packaging products such as composite packaging bags, PE bone bags, zipper bags, hook bags, adhesive bags and so on. After touching, looking and smelling, I found many problems, such as uneven thickness of materials, unclear printing, too rough processing of detail lines, contact holes deviating from the planned orientation, zipper pullers falling off easily, peculiar smell and a series of obvious problems. . However, the customer indicated that it was such a product. They could not find a suitable supplier and insisted on cooperating for 3 years. In the past 3 years, customers complained constantly due to packaging quality problems. Not only that, but even such rough packaging bags, The price is also higher than the price we quote for our customers. After making a sample for this customer, the customer said that the packaging bag can still be made so delicate? Yes, for a long time, we have thought that the quality of packaging is intangible and difficult to measure, and we also thought that all packaging quality problems are caused by front-line workers, and quality is the work of the quality department. And can't find a suitable alternative supplier, so it is delayed again and again, and the customer complains and complains. Professional flexible packaging manufacturer Packaging has realized from its 20 years of exploration and practice in the packaging industry that in order to make the enterprise invincible in the economic struggle of the market, it should design and manufacture products and provide better services around the needs of customers. , sincerely for the sake of customers, to“user satisfaction”Provide products and services for standards that best meet user expectations. At the same time, the professional flexible packaging manufacturer Packaging also believes that in order to survive and develop in the competition, the company must continuously improve the quality of product packaging, that is, the packaging quality should be integrated into the entire process of product realization, and truly integrate into business activities to achieve packaging. Quality first strategic goal. Many users are now more interested in product quality, and would rather spend more money for better product quality. Today, high-quality products with stable quality will have more market share than low-quality products with unstable quality. This is obvious, and exquisite packaging bags will also bring higher profit returns to enterprises. The quality of packaging bags is so important. It is conceivable that the quality management of packaging bags must be one of the most important basic managements of enterprises and the primary guarantee for the quality of products and services of enterprises. Abandon rough packaging bags, embrace refinement, and embrace more professional service! Professional and dedicated to provide customers with innovative packaging bag products. Starting from the five dimensions of product, price, printing, power and service, we provide customers with a full range of packaging bag solutions. In terms of product innovation, it has successively launched a series of clothing packaging bags, hardware packaging bags, and cosmetic packaging bags to the market, and has successively requested a number of invention patents. In terms of price, we can give customers the most comprehensive and reasonable quotation according to different materials and different processes. In terms of printing, the packaging adheres to the precise style. Dozens of professional masters who have been in the industry for more than 20 years carry out color matching printing, and professional quality inspectors check the quality of the printing surface, so that every detail of the packaging bag is exquisite and beautiful. In terms of power, packaging is good at coordinating the supply chain, and has a complete process from order access to product delivery, which truly realizes the efficient situation from raw material supply to product delivery, saving customers a lot of time and cost. In terms of service, packaging is better than capturing customer needs. In line with the principle of maximizing peace of mind for customers, we try our best to save costs in material selection, and control every production link, only to improve product satisfaction from 99% to 100%. .
Nowadays, it is very common for us to utilise in flexible packaging solutions. And the quality of is decisive to production efficiency.
Qingdao Supouches Packaging Ltd.’s mission is to provide high quality care and services to our members and to be profitable in the process.
Qingdao Supouches Packaging Ltd. sells flexible packaging solutions and yet their focus on operational excellence and mastery of distributed manufacturing facilities flexible packaging solutions has made them the dominant player in the space.
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