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Garment packaging bag product quality problems and solutions

by:Supouches Packaging     2022-08-12
For general customers, they often pay attention to whether the packaging of the clothes they buy is beautiful, and then they will pay more attention to some information on the packaging. However, for professional flexible packaging manufacturers, packaging is more about considering packaging materials and production processes, and even looking for printing defects intentionally or unintentionally, such as whether the overprint is accurate, and whether the thin text and lines can see the edges clearly……The common problems and solutions of clothing packaging bags are summarized as follows: 1. Inaccurate overprinting (1) Equipment reasons, in the long-term production process, some of the main components of the equipment are worn, such as the bulkhead is not installed correctly, the printing shaft is twisted, the teeth are worn, the sleeve shaft is not oiled to cause damage, and the unevenness of the traction roller will affect the overprinting Prohibited. (2) The uneven color registration pressure of the printing plate roller, the uneven pressure on the left and right sides of the printing plate roller, and the looseness of the printing roller constitute a prohibition of overprinting. (3) In terms of process technology, the tension control of opening and winding is unbalanced, the operation is wrong, and the air heat is not appropriate. Tension imbalance and other effects of overprinting are prohibited. ⑷The discrepancy of each set of plate-making standards (over the normal fault planning) constitutes a prohibition of overprinting. ⑸ Ink viscosity is high, affecting overprinting prohibition. ⑹ The change of film function (uneven thickness) affects the constant tension and constitutes a prohibition of overprinting. ⑺In terms of one-sided elements, printing operators should be stubborn and strong in the normal production process, concentrate their thoughts, operate carefully, check the quality of products, find and deal with problems in time. 2. Ink adhesion (1) Solvent problem Due to the improper solvent ratio, the evaporation is too slow, the solvent contains a small amount of high-boiling substances such as cyclohexanone, butanol, etc., and the resin has poor solvent release. (2) In terms of equipment, the monotonous equipment lacks the amount of hot air, the hot and cold air is not used properly, and the speed of the vehicle is too fast. (3) In terms of plate making, the depth of the printing gravure roller is too deep. ⑷Ink The ink is too thick, and the plasticizer contained in the ink is too large. ⑸ The traction roller is pulled too tightly, and the winding tension is too large. ⑹ In terms of film, because the additives contained in the film are soluble to the solvent and affect the release of the solvent, the corona treatment does not or does not or does not achieve the required surface tension policy. ⑺ Environmental factors such as high temperature, humid air, and excessive pressure constitute ink adhesion. 3. The image lines are damaged (1) the ink is too monotonous, which constitutes a dry version. (2) The wind and heat are too large, which affects the monotony of the concave surface of the printing roller. (3) The corrosion of plate making is too shallow, and the ink adhesion is less. ⑷ The pressure between the printing roller and the pressing roller is too light. ⑸ The distance between the squeegee on the printing roller and the imprinting point is too far (drum machine reverse squeegee is simply dry). ⑹ The speed is too slow. 4. Line marks (1) There are hard particles and impurities where the squeegee blade is close to the surface of the printing roller, which must be removed in time. (2) Assuming that the lines are fixed, there may be hard impurities embedded in the dots of the printing roller, which must be removed by parking. (3) When the new plate roller starts printing, it is found that the fixed line marks are generally caused by the rough surface of the plate roller being chrome-plated and not sanded and bright or the eye of the repairing needle. ⑷The resin and pigment in the ink are not finely ground, and they will also form line marks. It is necessary to use a copper wire brush to remove impurities in the dots, and filter them with a 120-mesh copper wire mesh before printing. ⑸It is necessary to adjust the viewpoint, orientation, hardness and thickness of the scraper properly. There are still many factors that affect product quality in the process of plastic gravure rotary printing. It only needs to be wiped and dealt with in the printing practice combined with the on-site equipment and the actual situation of the original and auxiliary materials.
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