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General performance requirements of printed packaging bag materials

by:Supouches Packaging     2022-01-08
1. Protective packaging The skill to protect the packaged items is its most fundamental skill, that is, to protect the packaged items from damage, vibration during transportation, and damage caused by collision during loading and unloading. Therefore, printing and packaging are required. Chat has a certain impact strength, vibration strength, package wet loudness and stacking strength. 2. Safety ①The toxicity of the material of the printed packaging bag itself should be small, especially the reading material cannot be released, which affects the health of the personnel. ②In order to protect the packaged items from being damaged by certain organisms or bacteria, the printed packaging materials should have anti-microbial, anti-rodent, and anti-moth properties. ③The material of the printed packaging bag should have anti-static properties. 3. Processability ① The material of the printing packaging bag should be easy to process and easy to make various packaging bags. ②It must be able to produce on a large scale and be easy to mechanize and automate the packaging bag operation. ③Printing and packaging materials must be suitable for printing, easy to print packaging signs and decorations. The material of the bag should be easy to handle and not pollute the environment. 5. Commodity ① The material of the printed packaging bag used should be able to make the contents easily show its characteristics. ②The printed packaging materials used should be transparent so that customers can see the contents. ③The materials used for printing and packaging bags should be economical and cheap
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