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High-temperature cooking food sterilization treatment method

by:Supouches Packaging     2021-12-18
As the pace of modern society accelerates, meat products packaging bags are a big demand in modern society. Meat products packaging bags generally use high barrier packaging materials (the general choice of three-layer structure: PET/pure aluminum/CPP, PPET/ There are two types of PA/CPP, and the four-layer structure generally chooses PET/pure aluminum/PA/CPP). And it needs to be sterilized to ensure that the shelf life is extended during storage and transportation. Today, plastic bags are here to share with you some problems with meat packaging bags and how to deal with them. Due to the characteristics of meat-based foods, the food needs to be sterilized at a high temperature. The general methods of sterilization are: high temperature and high pressure sterilization and low temperature and normal pressure sterilization. The two sterilization methods have their own advantages. The low temperature sterilization method has a low heating temperature, so the fiber of the meat is not damaged, so the meat tastes fresh and tender, and various nutrients are well preserved; but the problem is that the low temperature is only When pathogenic bacteria are killed, there will be a large number of spoilage bacteria in the food, so the shelf life of the food is relatively short compared with the high temperature sterilization, and it is easy to cause product loss during transportation. Compared with the low-temperature sterilization method, the high-temperature sterilization method, because the heating temperature is high, the meat fiber will shrink excessively, so the taste will not be as good as the low-temperature sterilization method. The only advantage is that the high-temperature sterilization method will kill Killing all the bacteria can eliminate the spoilage bacteria of the food, thus greatly extending the shelf life of the food. After the meat food is retorted and sterilized, the bag swelling may occur during the processing of the meat product and when the finished meat product is cooled. There are many reasons for the bag swelling. You should find specific reasons and adopt different methods. Coping methods to solve the problem. First of all, it is necessary to control a certain pressure in the sterilization equipment to balance it with the pressure in the package, so that the required sterilization temperature can be quickly reached. Secondly, it may not only be the problem of equipment temperature, positive and negative pressure, but also related to temperature. The higher the temperature, the more severe the swelling. Therefore, it is reasonable to reduce the temperature while prolonging the sterilization time to achieve complete sterilization, as well as in the food transportation process. Safety, etc., the detailed process management of these processing is very important.
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