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How about the price of aluminum foil bags

by:Supouches Packaging     2021-12-22
How about the price of aluminum foil bags The price of aluminum foil bags is determined by the composite material and thickness, as well as the size. The number of orders also plays a key role. Large quantities and excellent prices. This is applicable to any industry, so for a while It is difficult to give a standard answer. Aluminum foil bag price factor 1: Material Aluminum foil bag is also called pure aluminum bag Material: PET/NY/AL/PE (general packaging) PET/NY/AL/CPP (high temperature cooking) Thickness: 70-180 micron bag shape and aluminum foil bag price The price varies according to the choice of material. Aluminum foil bag price factor two: bag type selection of bag-shaped aluminum foil bag: three-side seal, self-supporting zipper bag, yin and yang bag, nozzle bag, sling bag, etc. Features: PET; good printing effect, low NY oxygen permeability, AL; Strong barrier, opaque, PE ordinary packaging inner layer, CPP high temperature cooking inner aluminum foil bag Price factor 3: Size selection of aluminum foil bag: According to the role of the aluminum foil bag, the size of the bag is different. However, the thickness of the size is generally about 10-14 silk. The thickness of aluminum foil bags for liquids, oils, and nuts will be thicker. Usually there are less than 10 silk. Aluminum foil bag price factor four: Quantity Most customers think that the price of the bag is fixed, and there is one less than one. However, in the bag-making industry, the quantity is a very important factor that affects the price, because in the process of bag-making, many large machines have to be opened, which is not a small expense. And each machine is operated by 1-3 staff, which is the labor cost. After the completion, quality inspection, bagging, and delivery are required. You do 1 and 100w of these programs are indispensable. In the process of bag making, there are still a lot of losses, which are included in the production cost. So many customers will ask: Why is the difference between 1W bags and 10W bags so big. The answer is here. To sum up: To understand the price of an aluminum foil bag, customers need to provide the material, size, bag type, quantity and other factors of the bag. After determining these factors, the price can be quoted quickly. Aluminum foil bag product page:
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