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How are commonly used plastic films processed?

by:Supouches Packaging     2022-08-20
How are commonly used plastic films processed? How is the semi-finished raw material of the commonly used plastic film, that is, the plastic packaging bag processed? There are usually the following methods: (1) Extrusion method (T-die method) The extrusion method is to add resin materials and additives into the barrel of the extruder, heat and melt, extrude a sheet-like plastic film, and directly The flow is wound on the metal material drum with the surface coating and the core layer cooling, and is formed by chilling, trimming, and then completing the coiling. This method produces a flat film. (2) Blow molding The molding characteristics of the blow molding method are that the molten resin extruded from the plastic extruder is made into a tube material through an annular gap die, and at the same time, compressed air is passed from the axial direction of the mandrel, and two A nip roller clamps the tubular film to maintain constant pressure and expand it to the desired diameter. After cooling and forming, traction coiling. This method produces and processes tubular films. (3) Calendering method Calendering is a method in which the polymer is continuously formed into a plastic film by using several rolling voids that are heated and reversed adjacently inside. The thickness of the plastic film depends on the voids of the final set of rollers. This method is commonly used in the production and processing of polyvinyl chloride plastic films. (4) Solution casting method The solution casting method is to first dissolve the resin material in an organic solvent to make a solution with a concentration of 10% to 35%, filter it, defoaming, and then send it to a casting machine. Extend the nozzle to make the solution cast into a plastic film of a certain thickness (5) The drawing method is a kind of plastic that draws a thermoplastic sheet film between the softening temperature and the melting temperature along the vertical and horizontal directions. Methods of film forming. The drawing technology of plastic plastic film can be divided into one-way drawing and two-way drawing, and the key in actual production and processing adopts two-way drawing method. Using two-way pulling process, can improve various performance indicators of plastic film
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