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How are express packaging in various countries recycled?

by:Supouches Packaging     2022-09-10
With the increasing popularity of online shopping, the express delivery business is also growing rapidly. In 2015, China's express delivery industry completed a business volume of 20.6 billion pieces, a year-on-year increase of 48%, and the highest daily processing volume exceeded 160 million pieces. China has become a leading express delivery country. But whether it is consumers or express delivery companies, a common trouble is to face the mountains of express packaging. According to the statistics of the State Post Bureau, the consumption of express packaging in recent years is astronomical: in 2014, the country consumed about 14 billion express waybills, 2 billion woven bags, 5.584 billion plastic bags, 2.1 billion Envelopes, 6.7 billion boxes, 11.45 billion meters of tape, 2.01 billion internal buffers. Most of these packaging materials are not recycled, and this single-use use has caused serious pollution to the environment and waste of resources. According to a recent sample survey of the express delivery industry, the three most commonly used packages for express delivery in my country are: in terms of materials and materials, document envelopes and cartons are made of recycled paper and virgin paper; plastic packaging bags are made of non-degradable recycled plastic Made of virgin plastic. Judging from the disposal situation after use, document envelopes and plastic bags are discarded as household waste after use, and some recipients of paper packaging boxes will be reused, but most of them will be discarded or sold as waste. In November 2015, the 'Report on the Development Status and Trends of Green Packaging in China's Express Delivery Field' jointly issued by the State Post Bureau and other institutions pointed out:“In the current market competition environment and status quo, express packaging has insurmountable difficulties in the use of degradable, recycled and other environmentally friendly materials, as well as in recycling, treatment and reuse.”Obviously, this is contrary to my country's current requirement of vigorously promoting the utilization of waste resources and creating a development model of circular economy. The bottleneck of green express packaging In August 2011, in response to the rapid development of express business, the State Post Bureau formulated and issued the 'Express Business Operation Guidelines'. A reporter from 'Environment and Life' magazine checked the specification and found that it only stipulates the procedures for receiving, sorting, transportation, and delivery of express companies and the requirements for facilities and equipment of express business premises, but it does not deal with issues such as how to package express delivery. is not clearly specified. In 2014, the industry standard 'Measurement Method for Greenhouse Gas Emissions of Express Delivery Services' was released, and one of the important contents is to pilot packaging reuse in express delivery companies. With the introduction of this industry standard, domestic e-commerce companies and express delivery companies have begun to explore new ways of express packaging. At the end of 2014, a media investigation said that three express delivery companies, Shentong, Yunda and Yuantong, expressed their willingness to recycle express packaging boxes. In the same year, the e-commerce took the lead in promoting starch-based degradable and environmentally friendly packaging bags. executives said that this kind of packaging bag can save 70% of oil resource consumption compared with traditional plastic bags, and is currently used in book plastic sealing and packaging. of COFCO started earlier in this regard. The company started the recycling of distribution cartons in 2012. E-commerce headquartered in Shanghai in 2014“Shop No. 1”Launched in nearly 20 cities including Shanghai, Beijing and Tianjin“1 case of environmental protection, carton recycling”Activity, every time you recycle a carton, you can get a gift“Shop No. 1”50 points, which can be used to redeem products, participate in lucky draws, exchange coupons, etc. From January to September of that year,“Shop No. 1”A total of more than 2.46 million cartons were recycled, with an average of more than 270,000 cartons per month. In April this year, the logistics platform of e-commerce giant Alibaba Group——The rookie network began to layout“Green Logistics”, including environmentally friendly express boxes, environmentally friendly express bags, environmentally friendly express vehicles and other products. Cainiao Network is trying to introduce reusable and safe plastic environmental protection boxes to gradually replace express cartons. After the buyer signs and receives the goods, the courier takes the box back and returns it to the delivery warehouse according to the process. The green box plan will be extended to the Cainiao Alliance by the end of the year“same day delivery”20 cities covered. In addition, Cainiao Network is working with government departments, industry associations, and enterprises to research and produce degradable environmental protection bags, which will naturally decompose in the soil after a period of time to avoid pollution.——But its cost is several times that of ordinary packaging plastic bags
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