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How is the transparency of plastic packaging bags affected?

by:Supouches Packaging     2022-09-01
There are many friends who often regard transparency as one of the reference standards for judging whether they are good or bad when choosing plastic packaging bags. When judging, it is usually directly identified with the naked eye, and two plastic bags are compared to see which plastic bag is more transparent. If the transparency is better, it means that the quality is better. However, in fact, the transparency of plastic packaging bags is usually affected by many aspects. So do you know what affects the transparency of plastic packaging bags? The following editor will introduce to you: The transparency of plastic packaging bags is affected by the following aspects: 1. Material: OPP plastic packaging bags are more transparent than PE plastic packaging bags Well, LDPE plastic bags in PE material are better in transparency than HDPE plastic bags. 2. Ingredients: Take PE plastic packaging bags as an example, if recycled materials are added, the plastic packaging bags will turn black, which affects the transparency. If filling is added, the plastic bags will turn white, which also affects the transparency. 3. Technology: The key control points or the way of blowing the film will also have a certain impact on the transparency of the plastic packaging bag. 4. Raw material grade: Even if it is the same PE material and the same LDPE raw material, the transparency of the plastic packaging bags produced by different manufacturers and different grades is also different. The content introduced above is some aspects that affect the transparency of plastic packaging bags. However, transparency cannot be used as the only test standard for the quality of plastic packaging bags, but only as one of the reference standards.
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