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How much do you know about the characteristics and materials of seasoning packaging bags?

by:Supouches Packaging     2022-07-26
A delicious delicacy just right, let the sour, sweet, bitter, spicy and salty bloom on the tip of the tongue. For foodies, the greatest joy is eating hot food! The key to food, in addition to the taste of the food itself, seasonings also contributed. Today, the packaging will explain the selection of seasoning packaging materials, the best seasonings, of course, to choose the most suitable materials. Seasoning packaging bags need to have barrier properties, physical and mechanical properties, and hygienic properties. First, barrier properties. The main reason is the oxygen barrier property. If there is too much oxygen in the packaging bag, the ingredients in the seasoning will be decomposed, which will cause problems such as mold and bag swelling. Second, physical and mechanical properties. The thickness of the packaging bag should be uniform, and the flexibility should meet the requirements to prevent the composite bag from being oil-resistant, and the composite fastness between the layers of the film in the composite film will be reduced, and even the packaging bag will be delaminated and the barrier property will be reduced. At the same time, it must be resistant to high temperature, because some seasoning packets need to be cooked together with food. If the packaging bag has poor high temperature resistance when the whole package is retorted and sterilized, it will cause problems such as delamination, shrinkage, and bag breakage of the packaging bag after retort and sterilization. Finally, hygienic performance. Seasoning is the food that consumers directly eat. If there is too much solvent residue in the packaging bag, it will cause the packaging bag to have peculiar smell, and the residual solvent is more likely to migrate into the seasoning in a high temperature environment, resulting in peculiar smell and affecting the health of consumers. . There are many materials that meet these requirements. At present, the common seasoning packaging film materials mainly include the following: PE co-extruded black and white film with added barrier resin material: It has good gas barrier properties and flexibility, and is commonly used in soy sauce, vinegar and other liquids Packaging of seasonings. KPET/PE: has good heat resistance, gas barrier properties and heat sealing properties (including heat sealing strength and sealing), commonly used in food packaging of sauces (such as bean paste, noodle sauce, etc.) Sterilized by retorting at high temperature. KOP/PE, KPET/PE, KPA/PE, PET/Al/PE, BOPA/EVOH/PE, PA/PE, PA/PE/Al/PE: have good barrier properties, including blocking oxygen, fragrance, grease, etc. , It has high strength (no bag breaking, no leakage of liquid) and cooking resistance, and is often used in the packaging of soups. Among them, the packaging materials containing KPET, KPA, Al, EVOH have stronger barrier properties than other materials, but the price is slightly higher. KPA/LLDPE, BOPA/VMPET/LLDPE, PET/Al/PET/LLDPE, PET/VMPET/LLDPE, PET/Al/LLDPE: KPA, Al, VMPET are all high-barrier materials with excellent oxygen and water resistance, but The Al layer is properly away from the inner layer to prevent corrosion by the contents. LLDPE (or EVA) has good resistance to sealing pollution. Therefore, the overall strength of the material is high, the shelf life is long, and the anti-oxidation, corrosion resistance, and sealing pollution resistance are good. The above materials can be used For the packaging of sauces, sauces, high-fat liquids or semi-solids.
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