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How much do you know about the material of clothing packaging bags?

by:Supouches Packaging     2022-08-11
Many times we only know that there is such a kind of packaging bag, but we don't know what material it is made of, what equipment it is made of, and we don't know that different packaging bags have different characteristics. Take the aluminum foil bag as an example, we all know that it is an aluminum foil bag, but most people don't know what the aluminum foil bag is, let alone the type of aluminum foil bag. Next, professional flexible packaging manufacturers will take us to take a look at the production materials of the packaging bags. 1. HDPE/high density polyethylene/low pressure polyethylene/low pressure film This is the most common material. The shopping bags that can often be seen in supermarkets are made of HDPE bags. This material can be used independently. In bags, it is a relatively common and cheap material on the market——PO bags. This kind of packaging bag is relatively brittle and hard, with low elastic rate, and is more brittle when rubbed. 2. LDPE/low density polyethylene/high pressure polyethylene/high pressure film packaging bags have good texture, softness, good resistance, good transparency, and a smooth hand feel. The thicker the bag, the harder it is, and the greater the elasticity. This material can also be made into bags by itself, which is a relatively cheap material like PO bags. 3. The material of OPP/oriented polypropylene is the most brittle and the most transparent material in plastic packaging bags. It has no pulling force. It can be said that there is no pulling force at all, it is easy to explode, and the printing is easy to decolorize. After a period of time, and then cut the bag. 4. CPP/cast polypropylene/unstretched polypropylene has high transparency, higher hardness than PE film, and is clearer. It is often used as the base film of composite materials, and is often combined with other films to form bags. An excellent composite membrane. CPP also has a retort-grade material that can be used to make retort pouches. 5. The transparency of PET/polyethylene terephthalate is also very good, its strength and resistance are better than that of polystyrene and polyvinyl chloride, it is not easy to break, and its appearance is smooth and shiny. It is also one of the common composite materials. 6. The material of PA/nylon is often used as a composite material for cooking bags/boiling bags, which has good resistance and is relatively soft. 7. Aluminum foil/AL aluminum foil is a very thin sheet composed of high-purity aluminum after repeated pressing and delaying. It is an excellent thermal conductor and light shielding body. Good mechanical strength, light weight, no thermal adhesion, metallic luster, good shading, strong reflection of light, not easy to be corroded, good barrier, moisture-proof and waterproof, strong air-tightness, and fragrance-preserving sex. It has metallic luster, high gas barrier property, and low adhesion viscosity. After compound processing, the transport phenomenon of the aluminized layer is likely to occur. Many of the above materials are transparent materials. Generally, it is impossible to see the difference between them from the naked eye. Only by understanding the functions can we know which aspects these materials are suitable for in detail.
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