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How much do you know about the quality control of food packaging bags?

by:Supouches Packaging     2022-07-10
Many studies on how to extend the shelf life of products have now shifted from the treatment of the product itself to the packaging system. For food packaging bags, better oxygen barrier properties, water barrier properties and air tightness of the packaging are essential requirements. These requirements can be verified by the oxygen transmission rate, water vapor transmission rate, overall sealing performance, heat sealing function, etc. of food packaging bags. ​Oxygen transmission rate The influence of oxygen on food mainly includes the following four aspects: color change, flavor change, oil/fat change and microbial change. Grasping the oxygen transmission rate and transmission coefficient of food packaging materials can effectively assist enterprises in selecting packaging materials, and provide scientific basis for maintaining product quality and product preservation. The inspection principle is to make the two ends of the flexible packaging film sample maintain a certain gas pressure difference under a certain temperature and humidity, and then calculate the air permeability and air permeability coefficient by measuring the change of the gas pressure on the low pressure side of the sample. Water vapor transmission rate If the moisture of the product itself penetrates from the inside of the packaging film by water vapor, or the product absorbs the water vapor that penetrates from the outside of the packaging, the flavor, texture, and content of the product will be changed, so it is necessary to accurately measure. Grasp the water vapor transmission rate and transmission coefficient of plastic film packaging materials. The principle of water vapor transmission test is to make one side of the plastic film sample maintain a stable and full vapor pressure at a certain temperature, while the other side maintains a monotonous pressure. The plump water vapor penetrates the sample and enters the monotonic side, and the water vapor transmission amount and the transmission coefficient of the sample are obtained by measuring the change in the weight loss of distilled water in the moisture permeable cup. The water vapor transmission rate and transmission coefficient are extremely important to maintain product quality and prevent natural loss of quantitative products. The overall sealing assumes that the sealing of the packaging is not good, and oxygen and water vapor can directly enter the packaging, causing the food to degrade and degrade. There are many ways to check the sealing performance. The most commonly used method is to use the sealing tester, use the vacuum principle, and keep at -30kpa, -50kpa, -70kpa, -90kpa for a certain time according to the national standard, and check whether the packaging bag has any The state of air leakage and the recovery state of the packaging bag after the experiment. Manufacturers must effectively measure the sealing performance of the packaging at different pressure times to better control the air tightness of the packaging, and then extend the shelf life of the product. Heat sealing function Heat sealing function is an important parameter that affects the overall sealing of the package. If the heat-sealing parameters are not set properly, the strength of the heat-sealing part is weak, and the bag is easily broken at the heat-sealing part under the impact of the contents or when kneaded by external force. The three major elements of the heat sealing process are the heat sealing temperature, pressure and time, among which the temperature is the main one. According to the different heat sealing conditions of the plastic packaging materials and the movement conditions of the data bags, the three must be coordinated and cooperated to obtain good heat sealing quality, and then ensure the sealing of the whole package. What is the reason for the damage of the drop test bag? Reason: sometimes when the heat sealing temperature of the packaging bag is low, although the heat sealing strength is low, it can also meet the customer's requirements, but the packaging bag is not damaged during the drop test. Under the condition of high heat-sealing temperature, although the heat-sealing strength is high, the packaging bag is damaged during the drop test. This phenomenon shows that when the heat sealing temperature is high, under the effect of the heat sealing knife pressure, the inner PE film carrying the heat sealing function is melted and kneaded at a high temperature to become thin and brittle, resulting in damage during the drop test. Packaging solution: When carrying out the bag making process, it is necessary to adjust the appropriate heat sealing temperature and pressure to produce products with excellent comprehensive performance. What should I do if the seal is brittle and brittle? Reasons: (1) The heat sealing temperature is too high. (2) Excessive pressure. (3) The heat sealing time is too long. (4) The edge of the upper sealer is too sharp or the PTFE covered is damaged. (5) The silicone rubber of the bottom seal is too hard. (6) During the compounding and curing process, a part of the adhesive enters the inside of the film. Because the substrate is affected by the penetration of the adhesive, the resistance (impact resistance) is reduced, and it is brittle. (7) After the plastic composite packaging bag is cooled and placed, the heat sealing strength has increased, and it also has a tendency to become brittle. Packaging solutions: (1) According to the heat sealing characteristics of the material of the inner sealing layer, select the appropriate processing temperature, pressure and heat sealing time. (2) Improve the appearance of the upper heat sealing knife, so that the appearance of the sealer is flat. (3) It is covered with polytetrafluoroethylene cloth. (4) Choose a silicone rubber pad with suitable hardness. What should I do if there is static electricity at the seal? Reason: Because of external effects such as conflict or various energies such as kinetic energy, potential energy, thermal energy, chemical energy, etc., the positive and negative electricity of atoms will be unbalanced. Packaging solution: During secondary processing, add 3% sanitary antistatic agent to the inner PE film to prevent such problems. When packing the customer's order,We will fully understand the customer's product characteristics and the characteristics of the active filling production line, so as to be targeted and better meet customer requirements.
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