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How much is a custom-made garment bag?

by:Supouches Packaging     2022-09-25
How much is a custom-made garment bag? How much is a custom-made garment bag? The price of custom-made clothing bags is not fixed, but determined according to the various needs of custom-made clothing bags. Different styles, sizes, printing, and quantities have different prices for custom-made clothing bags. Usually the price of custom-made clothing bags is between 0.2 yuan and 0.7 yuan. Below we will explain the influence of different styles, sizes, printing and quantities on the price of customized clothing bags. How much is a custom-made clothing bag? 1. Garment bags Custom-made clothing bags usually have the following types according to the needs of use: plastic handbags, plastic zipper bags, and plastic self-adhesive bags. Plastic tote bags are mainly provided by clothing stores to customers for purchasing clothes; plastic zipper bags are mainly used by clothing e-commerce companies for dust-proof storage of clothing during logistics and transportation; plastic self-adhesive bags are stored in stores or warehouses. in use. The more complicated the style of clothing bags, the higher the price. The prices of these three styles are from low to high: plastic self-adhesive bags<plastic zipper bag<Plastic Tote Bags Garment Bags Tote Bags: 2 Customized Size of Garment Bags The size of customized clothing bags is the main influence of the price, the larger the size, the higher the price, the more the size, the more complicated the process and the higher the price. Therefore, the size of the customized clothing bag is best designed according to the actual needs of use. Purple Garment Bags: 3 Garment Bags Customized Printing The more complicated the printing of customized clothing bags, the higher the price. The price of plastic bag printing is generally related to two factors, one is the printing area, and the other is the number of colors printed. The printing area affects the cost of printing ink and printing copper plate, while the number of printing colors affects the printing efficiency and the cost of printing loss. Garment bags: 4 The quantity of custom-made garment bags The quantity of custom-made garment bags is also a key factor affecting the price, because there is a fixed cost in the production process. More clothing bags are put on, the cost allocated to each bag is lower, and the total cost is lower. The number of custom-made clothing bags is recommended to be more than 10,000, which is not too much and the overall cost is relatively low. Cost of garment bags: END professional custom packaging bags plastic bags/non-woven bags PE/PO/PP/CPE/PPE/OPP/PVC/EVA scan the QR code to consult the quotation
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