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How should food packaging bags be printed?

by:Supouches Packaging     2022-07-16
The main inspection standards for food packaging bags (films) are: GB/T4456-1996 'Polyethylene Blown Film for Packaging', GB12025-1989 'High Density Polyethylene Blown Film', QB/T2461-1999 'Packaging Blown Film' Degradable Polyethylene Film', GB9683-1988 'Hygienic Standard for Composite Food Packaging Bags', GB9687-1988 'Hygienic Standard for Polyethylene Molded Products for Food Packaging', GB9688-1988 'Hygienic Standard for Polypropylene Molded Products for Food Packaging', etc. The inspection items of food packaging bags (films) are mainly divided into five categories———The appearance should not have any defects such as air bubbles, perforations, water marks, violent tendons, poor plasticization, and fish-eye stiffness that are hindering the use. Specification width, length, thickness deviation should be within the specified deviation range. Physical and mechanical properties include tensile strength and elongation at break, which reflect the ability of the product to withstand stretching during use. If this item is unqualified, the food packaging bag (film) is prone to rupture and damage during use. . Hygiene performance includes evaporation residue (acetic acid, ethanol, n-hexane), potassium permanganate consumption, heavy metal, decolorization test. Evaporation residues reflect the possibility of residues and heavy metals being precipitated when food packaging bags encounter vinegar, wine, oil and other liquids during use. Residues and heavy metals will have adverse effects on human health. In addition, residues will directly affect the color and aroma of food. , taste and other food quality. The degradation performance can be divided into photodegradable type, biodegradable type and environmental degradation type according to the different types of degradation of the product. The degradation performance reflects the ability of the product to be accepted by the environment after being used and discarded. If the degradation performance is good, the bag (film) will break, differentiate and degrade by itself under the combined action of light and microorganisms, and eventually become debris, which is a natural environment. Acceptable; if the degradability is not good, it will not be accepted by the environment, thus forming“White pollution”.
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