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How to achieve vacuum in food vacuum packaging bags?

by:Supouches Packaging     2022-07-11
As we all know, food vacuum packaging bags can prolong the shelf life of food and ensure that the nutrition and taste of food remain unchanged for a long time. The principle of the seemingly miraculous food vacuum packaging bag is very simple. The food vacuum packaging bag uses the principle of deoxygenation to make microorganisms lose the living environment to achieve their functions. It can be seen that vacuuming of food vacuum packaging bags is a key operation step to ensure its effect. Then, how to vacuum food vacuum packaging bags? Now the vacuuming of food vacuum packaging bags is completed by a fully automatic vacuum machine, which is convenient and quick to pump air and seal in one step. In order to ensure the vacuum effect of food packaging bags, everyone must pay attention to the following points during the air extraction operation: 1. Be careful not to stick grease, food residues, etc. on the seal of the food vacuum bag to ensure the cleanliness of the seal. 2. Strictly control the operating temperature and time of the food vacuum bag after vacuuming, so as to avoid the sealing part of the packaging bag from bursting due to excessive temperature. 3. The food vacuum bag should be thoroughly exhausted, and no gas should be left, so as to prevent oxygen residue in the vacuum bag from causing food spoilage. 4. Like some fragile food, food with edges and corners, it is recommended not to use vacuum packaging, but to use inflatable vacuum packaging bags.
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