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How to achieve zero problems in food packaging bags? Try doing this!

by:Supouches Packaging     2022-07-10
High-temperature cooking bags are a common type of food packaging bags, which are air-tight and light-shielding bags made of plastic film, metal foil or their composite materials. After being melted and heat-sealed, it is autoclaved and sterilized to contain processed food. Because of its long storage period, simple opening and convenient post-processing, it is very popular among customers. The following professional flexible packaging manufacturers will analyze the processing, application and technical requirements of high-temperature cooking bags, and how to avoid problems with food packaging bags. 1. The basic processing structure of high-temperature cooking bags According to the customer's proposed requirements, the variety of contents and the circulation method, the product structure of high-temperature cooking bags is generally divided into three categories: two-layer film, three-layer film and four-layer film structure. Two-layer film is generally BOPA/CPP, PET/CPP; three-layer film structure is PET/AL/CPP, BOPA/AL/CPP; four-layer film structure is PET/BOPA/AL/CPP, PET/AL/BOPA/CPP . 2. The function of high-temperature retort bags requires that high-temperature retort bags are usually stored at room temperature, requiring a long storage period, and the shelf life generally spans more than one year, so there are higher requirements for the quality of their packaging: 1. The appearance is excellent and wrinkle-free. folds, air bubbles and foreign matter adhered. 2. Non-toxic, odorless, and the measured value of residual solvent is less than 5mg/m2. 3. Completely sealed, the water vapor transmission rate is close to zero, and the three-layer and four-layer structure is not more than 0.5g/m2·24h. 4. It has shading and no gas permeability. PET/CPP general bag requirements are slightly lower, and the oxygen transmission rate is not more than 3000px3/m2·24h·atm, three-layer, four-layer structure 12.5px3/m2·24h·atm. 5. No leakage, excellent anti-grease performance, oil absorption rate not more than 1%. 6. Excellent heat resistance and pressure resistance, no deformation and no peeling are required after high temperature cooking at 121°C for 40 minutes. 3. High-temperature retort bag processing requires many companies to process high-temperature retort bags. Although they have passed strict controls on people, materials, and materials, the products they produce are still unsatisfactory. complaints from customers. In practical production, we should pay attention to the following links: 1. Selection of printing ink. Select a specific high-temperature cooking ink to cook at 121 ° C for 40 minutes, and still not turn yellow or black, and mostly use two-component polyurethane ink. 2. Selection of composite adhesive. Generally, two-component polyurethane adhesives that meet the cooking requirements are selected. 3. The choice of structure is also important. The appropriate structure should be selected according to the requirements put forward by the customer. 4. Coating amount, coating mesh roller, adhesive processing viscosity and oven temperature should be strictly controlled. The coating amount should be ensured at about 4-5g/m2, and the coating roller is generally selected at about 80 lines/inch, and the cleanliness of the coating roller should be checked before compounding to ensure the coating amount and coating condition. The oven requires excellent ventilation and a clean environment (a point is a source of damage). 5. Fully mature. It is necessary to carry out the curing period of 40℃-55℃ for 3-5 days to fully exert the main solid reaction of cooking glue and ensure the composite quality. 6. The requirements for aluminum foil are also higher for cooking and compounding. Aluminum foil application 7μm-15μm thick. 135℃ need to choose 9μm or more. Others should pay attention to the pinhole diameter and the number of pinholes. There should be no full, continuous, periodic pinholes. 7. Storage requirements for AL and NY. The core of the aluminum foil product should have a certain strength. Each roll is tightly wrapped with a clean, hygienic neutral or slightly acidic moisture-proof paper or a clean plastic film, and the joints are sealed with adhesive tape. Soft pads are used to isolate the rolls, and there is no vacancy in the close proximity to ensure that the end faces are not bruised. During transportation, it is necessary to prevent moisture and high temperature, and the shelf life is one year. NY film storage requirements: Due to the high hygroscopicity of NY, it is necessary to wrap it with aluminum foil. 8. The choice of ethyl ester. Regarding the ethyl ester used in the composite cooking bag, its water and alcohol content needs to be more strictly controlled. 9. The inner layer is made of high temperature resistant cooking grade CPP film, which has high temperature resistance, good strength and heat sealability. The surface tension of CPP is required to be greater than 40dyn/cm (resistance to 121°C requires the surface tension of CPP to be greater than 39dyn/cm). 10. Random corona treatment achieves better compounding effect, which will make the compounded cooking bag more stable. When compounding retort bags with aluminum foil structure, random corona treatment is selected.
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