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How to avoid breakage when making a self-supporting nozzle bag

by:Supouches Packaging     2022-09-14
In large and medium-sized shopping malls, supermarkets, pet stores, we are increasingly exposed to a new type of packaging bag———Self-supporting nozzle bags, such as liquid packaging, seasoning packaging, laundry liquid packaging, etc. The nozzle bag is composed of a nozzle and a stand-up bag. In the production process, the production of the nozzle bag is completed through two links: bag making and nozzle bag loading. Each link has high requirements on the process. If it is not mastered well, there will be quality problems such as bag swelling, bag breakage and leakage during use. Therefore, such a self-supporting nozzle bag is unqualified. How to avoid such a situation in the production process of the nozzle bag? First of all, in the production of stand-up pouches, special attention should be paid to punching, placing the bottom of the bag, and heat-sealing the bottom, especially the joint part of the fourth and two layers of the stand-up pouch is prone to breakage. To install a heat sealing knife, part of the heat sealing should be enhanced. In addition, the self-supporting bag with mouth requires good opening performance, otherwise the suction cup is not easy to pull the mouth to install the mouth; the friction coefficient of the surface of the bag should be small, and the surface static electricity should be removed during bag making to avoid adsorption between the bag and the bag, which is not conducive to packaging. Mouth sealer takes bags. At present, there are mainly two ways to install suction nozzles in stand-up pouches in China: manual suction nozzles and heat-sealed suction nozzles. The temperature is transferred to the mouth by heat conduction, which melts and welds with the PE sealing layer of the bag. Self-supporting nozzle bags are favored by many industries for their good shelf display effect. Especially in the field of daily chemicals, more and more products are packaged in self-supporting nozzle bags. Products such as liquid soaps and shampoos, which are beautifully printed and easy to transport or carry, have a great tendency to replace traditional plastic and glass bottles.
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