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How to avoid printing color distortion in color packaging bags?

by:Supouches Packaging     2022-08-19
There have been many sets of color processing systems in flexible packaging operations, and there is a certain degree of control in the color of color packaging bags. In order to better serve customers, the professional flexible packaging manufacturer Packing specially collects its own printing experience, hoping to help companies with color packaging bag order requirements to find reliable packaging bag suppliers. 1. The main factors leading to color distortion 1. Color distortion caused by color recovery treatment Modern printing generally uses C, M, Y, K four-color inks to reproduce colors. Because the ink itself has a problem of purity, color distortion will also occur during overprinting. 2. Color distortion caused by color separation. Printing generally uses C, M, Y, and K four-color inks to imitate colors, and the picture information collected by digital collection equipment is generally R, G, and B information, so before printing plate making, it is necessary to The picture information is converted into C, M, Y, K methods, that is, color separation processing. so-called“color separation”It is to decompose and convert the color information of each pixel of the picture (usually R, G, B color information) into color information suitable for printing C, M, Y, and K methods. In the process of color separation, color information will be lost. In color separation, only by correctly setting the color separation parameters (such as setting the dot extension value, gray balance parameter, black tone, etc.) according to the printing suitability of ink and paper, it is possible to output high-quality color separation films. Minimize loss of color information. ​3. The originals have color distortion. Most of the originals of printed drawings are obtained by photographic methods. Regarding the original photo, in addition to the color distortion caused by improper operation during the photography process, because the color is reproduced through color materials such as colorants, and the color materials are prone to color attenuation, it may also cause color distortion in the photo. Secondly, with the continuous expansion of digital cameras, there are more and more digital picture manuscripts, and the technical requirements of digital cameras for operators are greatly improved. Because of the poor technical level of operators, the pictures produced by photography simply show dim pictures, blurred pictures, etc. The problem is that the original color is distorted. 4. Scanning processing causes color distortion The picture density of the photo manuscript is continuous, and the picture information needs to be collected into the computer. When scanning a picture with a scanning device, it is necessary to divide the picture into discrete pixels, and collect the R, G, and B information of each pixel on the manuscript point by point. During the scanning process, the color information of the pixels will be lost, and the image processing is based on the collected image information, and all color operations are also performed on this basis, and the color information of the image cannot be increased. Therefore, for photo manuscripts, scanning is a very critical part of image processing, and improper operation will cause image color distortion. 2. How to Differentiate Color Distortion 1. The eyes of the first image reference legal person have certain adaptability to color. For pictures with finely distorted colors, repeated investigations will weaken the ability to recognize. Therefore, when judging whether there is color distortion, using the image at first sight to clear the limitations of human color vision is an important method to discover color distortion. 2. Neutral color benchmark method There are many neutral colors in the world, such as black, white, gray, etc. They are the zero point of color in the colorful world, and we can use it as the base point of differential color distortion. 3. Skin color standard method The color of the skin is the color that people know best, and any picture of a person, especially a picture of a portrait of a person, can be based on the color of the skin as the basis for differential color distortion. No matter if you have yellow skin, white skin or black skin, there is a rule for skin color, that is, it is blood color. That is, there is red in yellow, red in white or red in black. If the skin color of the person in the picture is yellowish, it will give people a sick feeling. Under normal circumstances, even if the color of the skin of the person in the picture is really yellow, it should be adjusted to blood color during color correction, that is, there is red in yellow. In the printing operation of color packaging bags, the packaging can master the main factors and difference methods of distortion, and then ensure the production of high-quality packaging bags and successfully reach the perfect role in the minds of customers.
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