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How to avoid the aging phenomenon of liquid bags?

by:Supouches Packaging     2022-08-26
It can be said that liquid bags are used in many places around us now. As the use of liquid bags is getting wider and wider, the types of our liquid bag products have also increased. Liquid bags are the ones we use around us. Like the liquid bags, there are a lot of things to pay attention to in the use of these liquid bags, but many times, due to our improper use, these liquid bag products are aging, why is this? Factors that contribute to the aging of fluid bags, since fluid bags are particularly sensitive to UV radiation, any application of fluid bags must take this into account. For liquid bags used indoors or outdoors, light stabilization must be considered. When the liquid bag without light stabilization is exposed to outdoor, it loses its luster, the surface cracks, the color is no longer vivid, and the mechanical properties decrease. Of course, it takes a long time to happen. Since the intensity of ultraviolet light varies with the season, the photo-oxidative degradation of the packaging bag is very related to the season. The liquid bag has a life cycle. As the use time increases, the aging degree of the liquid bag will also deepen. As long as the natural aging is controlled within the life cycle of the packaging bag, it will not affect the safe use of the liquid bag. I believe everyone knows that liquid bags are very sensitive to ultraviolet rays, and ultraviolet rays are very abundant in summer. Therefore, in summer, you should avoid exposing the packaging bags to the sun, because exposure to the sun will accelerate the aging of the packaging bags. Greatly shorten the life cycle of packaging bags. It seems that ultraviolet rays are the main reason for the aging of our liquid bags. In recent years, the use of these liquid bags around us has become more and more frequent. The transportation of many products around us needs to use these liquid bags, precisely because The liquid bag has so many advantages, which makes it more and more widely used around us. I hope everyone can pay more attention to its maintenance when using these liquid bag products, so as to avoid the phenomenon of aging.
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