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How to avoid the odor of food bags

by:Supouches Packaging     2022-07-25
When we manufacture food packaging bags, there will inevitably be inventory, but some food packaging bags will have some special odors. This kind of packaged food is not safe, so what should we do when the food packaging bags have peculiar smell? For most users: food packaging bags have a special smell, mainly from ink solvents or composite adhesives and composite adhesive solvents, some from the threat of composite packaging; therefore, we should pay attention: the odor of food packaging bags The planning of how to deal with the printed pictures of food packaging bags should minimize color and monochrome elements, and avoid full-scale printing pictures as much as possible. Choose food packaging inks that don't use the strong odor of the ink surface. Do not use high boiling point solvents containing impurities, such as tar benzene, benzene mixtures, solvent recovery. High-odor one-component PS composite adhesives shall not be used in food packaging bag composite materials. If the inner film material selected in the food bag has an odor, the PE film filled with the material should not be used as a composite liner. To maximize the printing speed, reduce the viscosity of the ink, to maximize the printing speed, reduce the viscosity of the ink, to reduce the amount of ink, oven and ventilation equipment to maintain lubrication, to minimize the residual ink and ink solvent. The above is the way to deal with the odor of food bags summarized by the food packaging and printing factory. I hope to help you. If you want to know more about the content of food packaging bags, you can continue to pay attention to this website or contact us for consultation.
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