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How to choose a green aluminum foil packaging bag

by:Supouches Packaging     2021-12-28
How to choose green aluminum foil packaging bags Now that aluminum foil packaging bags have a large market, how to choose aluminum foil packaging bags? Aluminum foil packaging bags have good barrier properties, high heat-seal performance, good moisture resistance, and high transparency. And the functions such as acid resistance and abrasion resistance are also very good, so it is widely used in packaging bags in the food industry. Nowadays, packaging bags are getting more and more attention from people. How to choose packaging bags, we need to pay attention to the environmental protection of printing equipment and machinery. Does not produce harmful gases, odors and liquids. The production process is pollution-free and free of any harmful substances.   Try to choose uncoated or plated materials, and colored plastic packaging bags cannot be used for food packaging. Such aluminum foil packaging bags are often made of recycled plastics. Food packaging bags are odorless and odorless when they leave the factory. Plastic packaging bags with special odors cannot be used for food packaging. The packaging materials that are not coated or plated should be used as much as possible, and children are seriously ill.   Vacuum packaging bags need to check the appearance of their packaging bags. The appearance inspection mainly depends on whether the packaging bag has obvious scratches; whether there are pinholes; whether there is pollution; whether the sealing part is standardized. Testing of compressive strength and burst strength. The method of strength and breaking strength is to use the heavy object squeeze method, place the packaging bag on the table, and then add heavy objects on it. After one minute, first check whether the vacuum packaging bag is out of shape, leaks, etc. When choosing materials, choose environmentally friendly materials, pay attention to the recyclability of aluminum foil packaging materials, the green environmental protection of the materials, and do not use secondary waste, especially food packaging bags do not use industrial waste or recycled materials.
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