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How to choose aluminum foil packaging bags for composite food packaging

by:Supouches Packaging     2022-08-26
Aluminum foil packaging bags are widely used in packaging bags in the food industry due to their good negative barrier properties, high heat sealability, good moisture resistance, high transparency, and high acid resistance and wear resistance. Nowadays, packaging bags are more and more concerned by consumers. When choosing packaging bags, we need to pay attention to the green environmental protection of printing equipment and machinery. Does not produce harmful gases, odors and liquids. The production process is pollution-free and free of any harmful substances. So, how to choose aluminum foil packaging bags? When choosing food packaging, try to use materials that are not coated or plated. Colored plastic packaging bags cannot be used for food packaging. Foil bags are usually made from recycled plastic. Food packaging bags are odorless and odorless when they leave the factory. Plastic packaging bags with special odor cannot be used for food packaging. Vacuum packaging bags need to check the appearance of their packaging bags. The visual inspection is mainly to see whether the packaging bag has obvious wear, whether there are pinholes, whether there is pollution, and whether the sealing is standardized. The compressive strength and bursting strength are also tested. The method is to use the heavy object extrusion method, put the packaging bag on the table, and then add heavy objects on it. After one minute, check whether the vacuum packaging bag is out of shape. leaks, etc. In the selection of materials, it is necessary to choose environmentally friendly materials, pay attention to whether the aluminum foil packaging materials can be recycled, choose green environmental protection materials, do not use secondary waste, especially food packaging bags do not use industrial waste or recycled materials.
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