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How to choose food packaging bags? This article explains it in detail for you!

by:Supouches Packaging     2022-07-15
With the rapid development of the economy and the continuous improvement of people's living standards, people's requirements for food are naturally getting higher and higher. In addition to the fixed three meals a day, the national consumption of snacks is also very amazing. However, many friends often break into misunderstandings when buying and using food packaging bags. Today, we will teach you how to get out of the misunderstandings, choose and use food packaging bags correctly. 1. The three major misunderstandings of buying and using food packaging bags Then there will be more additives, so it is recommended to use a single-color packaging bag for food packaging. Although the ornamental value is reduced, after all, it is the thing that comes into contact with the entrance, and safety is the most important. 2. I love to collect old food packaging bags for reuse. Many friends, especially the elderly, are accustomed to storing old food packaging bags in order to save resources. This common practice is actually very harmful to health and not advisable. 3. The thicker the food packaging bag = the better. The greater the thickness, the better the quality of the food packaging bag? In fact, packaging bags have strict standards, especially for food packaging bags. The quality that meets the standard is up to the standard, regardless of the thickness. 2. How to choose food packaging bags correctly Not available for purchase. 2. Smell the smell. Do not buy food packaging bags with pungent and pungent odors. 3. Use white plastic bags to pack food. Although it is recommended to replace plastic with other environmentally friendly packaging, it is recommended that you try not to use red and black plastic bags when you need to use it. Because colored plastic bags may be produced from recycled materials, or from natural materials and their rough processed products that have not been decontaminated, they are prone to failure, spoilage, mildew or contamination, thereby contaminating food. 4. Look at food-grade paper packaging. Paper packaging is the trend of packaging in the future. Recycled paper is the same as colored plastics and should not be used in the food field. Ordinary paper will add additives for some reasons, so be sure to look at food grade when buying food paper packaging.“Safety on the tip of the tongue”How can it be sloppy? For our health, please purchase food packaging bags produced by regular manufacturers and approved by relevant departments.
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