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How to choose food vacuum bag

by:Supouches Packaging     2022-07-11
How to choose the customized food vacuum bag? There are many ways to choose food vacuum bags. We will briefly explain which is the most suitable choice from the material, composite type and material characteristics. 1. The material requirements of food vacuum bags are because of the effect of vacuuming, and some need to be cooked at high temperature, so RCPP is the most suitable inner layer, AL aluminum foil can be added to the middle layer, the effect can increase the barrier property, shading, avoid food To accelerate the deterioration, the surface layer can use the most commonly used PET2. For the composite type of food vacuum bag, if it is a two-layer material, you can choose PA/PE or PA/RCPP, PET/PE or PET/RCPP, and if it is a three-layer material, you can choose PET/PA /PE, PET/AL/RCPP, PA/AL/RCPP, PET/PA/AL/RCPP. 3. Material characteristics of vacuum bags The material characteristics of food vacuum bags are moisture-proof, temperature-resistant, shading, fragrance-preserving, tough, and high barrier: blocking oxygen, water, and carbon dioxide. No pollution: no binder is added, and there is no problem of residual solvent pollution. Precautions for custom-made packaging bags: determine the bag type, size, material, thickness, and if there are samples, mail them directly to the factory, and let the factory directly quote the samples directly. The above is how to choose the customized food vacuum bag. For more questions about the customized packaging bag, you can consult the packaging.
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